I want to reinstall Windows XP home edition

By BlueScreenOMFG
Nov 24, 2009
  1. i have Window XP home edition right now, but i keep getting a blue screen when i start it. I have to go to debugging mode to log into my computer. So, I think i have to reinstall my OS.

    i have to iso file for Window XP home edition on my computer, but i don't have a CD burner to burn it....is there a way that i can reinstall Windowx XP H.E by not burning it to a CD?

    can i use poweriso to do this? Im scared I might mess up my computer or something.
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    First of all, you cannot mess up your computer unless you do something like pour Drano on the motherboard, so set your worries aside. The worst that can happen is that you'll have to erase your hard drive and reinstall your OS. But then, you're going to reinstall the OS, anyway. The only two ways I know of reinstalling Windows is from a genuine Windows CD or from a back-up copy on the computer's hard drive itself that came with the computer. The second way is how to do it without burning a copy because it is like having the installation disc on the hard drive. Many computer manufacturers do that so they don't have to include a Windows CD as part of their package.

    I really don't know about an ISO for Windows. If you do have such a thing, you will need a CD/DVD burner and you can buy one from Tiger Direct or Directron for under $30. They're handy and I really wouldn't want a computer without one.

    For erasing your hard drive, I like to use Kill Disk. You have to burn an ISO image and it runs by itself, so there are no worries. As long as the BIOS sees your hard drive, you should be able to erase it with Kill Disk, no matter how corrupt the disk is with corrupted files, missing drivers, and so on.
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  4. BlueScreenOMFG

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    so there is no way i could run the iso file through a program in my computer?

    i have to burn it and install it?
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