I7 8700 or I7 9700 for Asus TUF B360-Plus Gaming

I have Asus TUF B360-PLUS GAMING motherboard.


Cpu cooler is good Noctua one so CPU temps wont be problem.

Would I be able to maintain the max turbo clocks with I7 9700 or I7 8700 on this motherboard?

Which processor would cause less stress for the motherboard?

I7 9700 or I7 8700?

In K version reviews I7 8700K is often the one with lower power consumption so I would think I7 8700 would cause less stress for the motherboard. But not sure about this.


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Neither. Both CPU's are overpriced for obsolete platform.

For same or even lower price you could get 10.th generation CPU so buying neither of those make any sense. Sell that motherboard and buy modern one, like something from AMD 550 series.


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Yep, just telling that buying those makes no sense.

Since 8700 is 6C/12T and 9700 is 8C/8T, 8700 definitely puts less stress on motherboard.


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Both the i7-8700 and i7-9700 (non-K versions) have the same default PL1 TDP of 65W (and the same PL2 + tau value), so they would draw exactly the same level of current from the motherboard under 'normal' operation. However, what 'normal' means depends heavily on the motherboard and the BIOS settings used.

On Amazon, both CPUs are pretty much the same price, so there's little to choose between them - the 8700 has a higher base clock than the 9700, and supports more threads, but the 9700 has more L3 cache and 2 more cores. Personally, I'd go with the 9700.