IE8 freezes when trying to scroll favorites

By fw2004
Sep 4, 2010
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  1. Hi;
    I have a very odd problem.
    This is Windows XP Pro (SP3) and IE8 (current build for XP).

    There are too many favorites to list without scrolling, and when I hit the down arrow at the bottom of the favorites list, IE freezes. If I use the star button to access favorites instead of the word "favorites" on the ribbon, I can scroll with the vertical scroll bar without any problems.

    If I log onto another account, where there are many more favorites, the scroll feature works perfectly.

    Thinking that there was one particular favorite that was messing things up, I temporarily removed all favorites to a temporary folder. Then I replaced enough of them to require scrolling, and sure enough, IE freezes when I hit the scroll arrow.
    If I then replace the favorites with other ones, the same thing occurs, so the problem is not one particular favorite in the folder.

    The fact that I can access all of the favorites by clicking the * button, and can use either method in another user account, it is obvious that there is something wrong with the particular user's IE settings.

    I have run a scan for viruses and malware, and it comes up clean.

    I believe there is one or two files that I need to delete, and have IE rebuild them when I run it again, but I don't know which file(s).

    Any ideas?



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