I'm at a standstill with my computer

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Apr 8, 2013
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  1. Hello, Recently I've been having trouble with my newly built gaming desktop, it went well for about 5 weeks or so, then *WHAM* Im smacked by a BSOD, I looked into it, dusted off my computer, ran some vitals. Turned on my pc again, dinked around then it smacked me again with another BSOD, I got a bit nervous, so I looked around and it told me to run memtest36+ so I did, but it crashed, did that like 3 times, no joy. Started getting desperate, so I tried just reinstalling my whole OS over again but I got another error code, I looked up what the error code is refrencing, but it just told me to run memtest 36+ again, joy.... so Im looking for any solution, so I formated everything, and it still wont let me install my OS again. Ill provide more info if its necessary
  2. IvanAwfulitch

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    Given that you were constantly told to run memory tests and it crashed when running the tests, that tells me that one/multiple/all of your RAM sticks may be corrupted. Take them all out, run the computer and see if it boots and runs properly. (Yes it will be slow, just deal with it). Place one back, test again. Remove the first one, put in a different one. Go through all the combinations of RAM sticks until you find whether one, or all, is/are at fault. Then buy a replacement if necessary.

    Many things can result in a BSOD, and formatting your system is never the best (nor is it the first) approach to solving one. If removing and replacing RAM sticks doesn't solve the problem, the BSOD may be coming from somewhere else. It could be a motherboard component, or power supply related, or any number of things. But RAM is the best place to start.

    Keep updating this topic as you progress to finding the solution.
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    Pulling your memory modules out as IvanAwfulitch mentioned and putting them back in will re-seat the module. Re-seating memory modules have fixed issues before and could fix your issue. There is only one way to know for sure.
  4. MrJuiceBoxHero

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    Card 1, Bsod Mid install of W7, Joy, ill try the second one now
  5. MrJuiceBoxHero

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    The second one just started actually installing windows, havent seen something this uplifting in a while
  6. IvanAwfulitch

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    I'm not sure how many RAM sticks you have, since you didn't mention that... but if it's only one of the sticks that's faulty, you have something very cheap and very easy to replace and your problems will be over for the time being.
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