I'm lost on Installer issue Event ID 1008

By bavon
Apr 26, 2009
  1. I have a sequence of 16 similar entries to this:

    The installation of C:\WINDOWS\Installer\abd515.msi is not permitted due to an error in software restriction policy processing. The object cannot be trusted.

    all at the same time and as far as I can see during an unattended period although the One Care Online scan had been running a bit earlier. The .msi file name changes in each instance. None came up on a Google though I didn't expect them to. Does anyone recognise this event sequence and could they enlighten me?

    It just occured to me that they might be left over from the One Care Scan as my girlfriend closed the PC down for me and she mentioned cancelling an option she had accidentally selected. An added factor is the PC was in Safe Mode which might explain it as the files are all .msi....
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