In Search Of A Power Supply

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Mar 20, 2005
  1. I've added a BFG 6800GT 256mb OC to my system, and I need a new power supply badly. I've let this ride for a bit, but I'd like to address this soon.

    System Specs:
    Sony Vaio RX881
    P4 2.66ghz
    512mb DDR 2100
    120gig 7200rpm HD
    On-Board Audio (Yahmaha something)
    270w NMB Power Suppy

    This system is pretty much as it was when it was bought from Sony, except it originally came with a Geforce4 MX-440 64mb.

    I did try to upgrade the power supply, but the one I bought (420w) is too large to fit where the original is. Also the powersupply sits right over my processor, so the orginial power supply has a huge fan inside it to intake? air off my processor. Also the processor has a fan on it.

    So in other words I need a smaller power supply with a fan internal so it can intake? air off my processor. I'd rather not go over $50.

    Any recommendations? or did this just not make any sense lol?
    I think I have some pictures of the original power supply that came with the computer if you want. And as you can see, this system is underpowered, I really notice it when I try to load a DVD with data on it, and it takes like 5 or so minutes to open a folder on the DVD.

    Also I should say that the original power supply has a small 3-pin P2 plug that plugs into my motherboard. When this is unplugged a error message comes up in dos? when I boot up my computer, and it stays at that screen until I hit enter (or something, cant remember) to finish booting up the computer. I supposed this is to monitor the huge fan on the side or something. I say this because the new 420w power supply that I bought (that I can't use) doesn't have this plug.

  2. nellakita

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    this is the best power supply for your money i have bought other power supplies and had problems with them this one apc has being the best and i recommend it for everyone who wants a reliable power supply
  3. dopefisher

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    is your computer a laptop??
  4. mstpaintball

    mstpaintball TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 64

    Very sorry, I should have said this is for a Desktop, and its for the power supply that is inside my computer case.
    Very sorry about that.
  5. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    i would advise calling sony up and asking for available upgrades to match your desktop. that would be the easiest way.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    what you refer to, is not a powersupply for a PC. It is a battery-backup and surge protector, and as such useless for mspaintball.

    Why dont you give us the exact dimensions of your old 270w PSU? There are plenty of different PSU shapes around, one of them is bound to pit your PC.
  7. luvhuffer

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    Paintball The fact that it didn't fit (the new one) leads me to thing it is proprietary, made for Sony per their specs. If that is so then it's possible the connectors have different configurations, different wires in different pins, even though it might use the same 20 pin connector. I would check with Sony, or get a model # off the original and post back with it.
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