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Jun 15, 2007
  1. I'm sure this error has been posted millions of times before now, but mine has a mitigating factor, which I'll explain in a bit. I'd really appreciate a quick response.

    The story:
    About seven months ago, I built a new PC with the same specs listed under my profile, except using a Geforce 7800GS graphics card and an Asus A8N-SLI motherboard. Something fried, and I didn't know which part to replace.​
    I just recently got around to purchasing a new motherboard, this time the one listed under my profile. Once everything was installed (with the Seagate hard drive plugged into the first SATA slot) I booted the computer. After setting up the BIOS information and saving it to the CMOS, I quit the BIOS. The PC took me to the OS Selection screen, citing a fatal error that had taken place in the past.​

    After selecting Start Windows Normally, the monitor screen went dead for a second, then flashed black, and went dead a second time. I'd have to guess it was a system error-based restart. It then took me to the BIOS welcome screen.​

    So, that was the story. I've already tried reconfiguring the BIOS to use RAID configuration, but it prevented me from getting to the BIOS and took me straight to Boot From CD, so I was forced to clear my CMOS. My IDE Master 0 is clear. The only option left is to install the Foxconn/WinFast RAID controller, which came on a floppy diskette. However, from what I've heard, the user has to be in the Windows XP setup pane, and press F6, to install third-party RAID/SCSI drivers.

    My problem is: I don't have my Windows XP Home setup disc. Any tips?

    Original System Setup:
    AMD Athlon 64+ 3800 Venice (2.4 GHz)

    Asus A8N-SLi (Current Setup: WinFast/Foxconn NF4SK8AA)

    1GB Geil 184-Pin PC3200 (DDR400)

    Stock 120 and 80mm fans, and Gigabyte CoolMaster CPU heatsink/fan

    ASUS Geforce EN7600GS (Current Setup: Sapphire Radeon X1900GT)


    Hard Disk(s):
    Seagate 7200.10 320GB - OEM

    Xion II
  2. CCT

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    Why don't you have your disk?
  3. thebaronjocelin

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    Lost it. It makes no sense, I know those things are supposed to be valuable and etc., but I lost it.
  4. CCT

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  5. thebaronjocelin

    thebaronjocelin TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 158

    Problem was, I was on the Microsoft System Builders' Product License, which states that it is a one-time, irreplaceable purchase. However, I did resolve the problem by:

    1) Opening "My Documents"
    2) Creating a folder entitled "WinXP"
    3) Going to "My Computer" in my very basic windows OS.
    4) Right-clicking on the icon for the VX2HOEM_EN (Windows XP Home, English edition) CD, and selecting Explore.
    5) Shift-left-clicking all of the files on the panel.
    6) Copying the files to newly-created folder "WinXP"
    7) AutoRunning the CD.
    8) When the error message came up, I redirected the installation to the new folder "WinXP", or appropriate subdirectory.
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