Inaugural Video Game Awards 2014 to be held in Las Vegas next month

Shawn Knight

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There's a new video game awards show in town. Announced on Monday, the Game Awards 2014 will be held in Las Vegas on Friday, December 5, which just so happens to be one day before Sony hosts its PlayStation Experience...

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I suppose they'll be nominating games on the basis of who best refined earlier versions of software?


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And the award for the biggest & best BS story goes to... Ubisoft, for saying games have to be capped at 30fps to deliver the best cinematics possible.


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Doesn't anyone even take the Video Games awards seriously anymore?

Last time I tried to watch them, a few years ago, it was 1hr 50mins of commercials and announcements, followed by an accelerated list of winners. No speeches, nothing. Just

A won B. Next!
C won D. Next!
E won F. Next!
Thank you for watching! Goodnight