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By troll
Mar 24, 2003
  1. I have an index.dat file in my cookies folder that opens Quicken when I open it. It opens Quicken as if I have never been there before, I use Quicken all the time.

    I tried to delete/remove the dat file with "Complete Internet Cleanup" and nothing happened. It still opens Quicken. Any ideas on why it is opening Quicken and how to stop it from opening Quicken?:confused:
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    the file is a database which IE needs to keep track of your cookies (even if you don't have anyone at present)...

    It most likely opens up in Quicken because you've at some point associated all .dat files with Quicken (or maybe the program did it by itself)...

    How to stop it from opening Quicken depends on which OS you are using... (though it's quite similar in most of MS' os')

    In win2k:
    Open explorer, choose tools -> folder options. Click on the "File Types" tab, and let it load.
    Press the "d" button, and you'll be taken down to the first file which starts with a "d"...
    Browse until you find the one which says "dat".
    Select it, and click on the delete button.

    It should be somthing similar in W98 and XP...

    The next time you open index.dat it shouldn't open Quicken anymore...

    Hope this helps...

    Oh, and
    :wave: :wave: :wave: welcome to TechSpot :wave: :wave: :wave:
    Hope you'll stick around!
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    This document provides some information on how to delete those index.dat files. I recommend using other browsers if you want to have some control on cookies & history ;)
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