Infineon to admit DRAM price fixing

By Phantasm66
Sep 16, 2004
  1. "Today's charge and its resulting guilty plea represent an important victory in the (Justice) Department's ongoing fight to break up and prosecute cartels that harm American consumers." - U.S. Department of Justice

    I just love stories with the U.S DoJ, they are totally cool. It was great watching them pick Microsoft apart, even if it did lead to next to nothing. And now, here they are again, this time looking into allegations of an international DRAM price-fixing conspiracy, of which it appears that Infineon Technologies are at the center.

    Infineon has admitted to the price fixing, which affected many companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple Computer. They have agreed to pay a $160 million fine for participating in the international price-fixing, and are now to be forced to co-operate with a government investigation of DRAM products.
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