Infinite loop fix!

By cobrakaun ยท 105 replies
Sep 14, 2004
  1. Kyokochan

    Kyokochan TS Rookie

    I've tried to do this, but I can't seem to find the right controller for it, it isn't in system devices at all. I have Widows XP and I don't know why it's not there, but does it by any chance run under a different name than those you've given? I really don't want to mess up my computer, but I do want to play the games I have and run the computer without problems.
  2. Fitz58

    Fitz58 TS Rookie

    Well the love Hate relationship continues....There very few things more frustrating then having a computer problem that there is no clear cut absolute
    fix for it.And very few things more satisfying then fixing what you were sure was to be a "Toss the old and get a new" solution.
    That said this problem with "ati2dvag bsod" is that kind of problem ,while
    cobrakaun's fix worked it did deminish performance (that we paid good money for),and others posted fix's that worked for them but not a blanket fix.
    Well heres what worked for me:
    First I did "cobrakaun's fix", then I uninstalled the drivers and control panel,restarted went into safe mode used DriverCleaner(download here then did a file search "ati*.*" and removed all of them,then went into registry use RegCleaner(small free app dowload here and deleted all entries pertaining to ati there.Restarted in normal mode,stopped windows Hardware installer from running,then stopped all running programs,and installed Cat.ver.5.6,after install did not restart went into SystemInfo/HardWare/DeviceManager/ System Devices,went to what I had changed in "cobrakaun's fix", (which was now PCI bridge standard PCI to PCI Bridge) right clicked that update driver then chose "Via CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller" installed that then started.Durring restart went into
    the Bios made sure all Fast writes,reads were disabled and appature size was equal to on card memmory,saved and exit.Once Windows loaded,went into Display/Settings(fixed my resolution)/Advanced/Troubleshooting checked to make sure hardware excel was maxed out,and Write combining was checked,
    then went to VPU Recover Tab and checked that it was active left it that way.
    5 days no "ati2dvag bsod" ,as I stated above not sure it will work for all but so far is for me(Fingers and toes crossed).
  3. Kyokochan

    Kyokochan TS Rookie

    Thank you very much, I'll give it a try as soon as I can and let you know the results ^^.
  4. spoonman89

    spoonman89 TS Rookie


    I had tried different video drivers, plus the cipset drivers for my laptop and with COBRA's advice I was able to boot into VGA mode and make the neccesary pci bridge to pci bridge change, and it fixed the infinite looping! WOOT!
  5. mikess

    mikess TS Rookie

    You are a living god!

    Thank you. I had radeon problems as described with Sony Vaio, this has completely fixed it - I think!

    BTW, do you know what the fix is actually doing?


  6. krizzik

    krizzik TS Rookie

    An alternate solution for those with an "ASUS A8V Deluxe/ATI 9800XT 128MB" combo...

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for the contributions to this thread, these VIA/XP/ATI combo issues can be a pain to troubleshoot. Following Fitz58's modified steps helped resolve the error I was having with a new rig I built for my wife (ASUS A8V Deluxe/ATI RADEON 9800XT 128MB/AMD64 3000+/"WindowsXP SP1 embedded upgraded to SP2" combo). However, I discovered I had to make two changes to his solution to get it to work for this type of system (i'm more used to settings in MSI boards; kinda new to ASUS):

    • BIOS Settings - In addition to disabling AGP Fast Write for this board, I also had to to disable both AGP 3.0 Calibration cycle & DBI Output for AGP Trans settings and set AGP Mode to 4x instead of 8x. It seemed as if 8x caused instablity for this type of setup once the VIA drivers were re-enabled during the course of Fitz58's steps.

    • ATI Drivers - Instead of using the Catylyst 5.6 drivers, I went ahead and got the newer ones (as of this post); the 5.9 version. I had to use these since they address a problem my wife was having with Battlefield 2 and City of Heroes.

    After modifying the steps as described above, the system is now running solid...although at 4x AGP with no fastwrites; better than nothing :rolleyes: !
  7. killakiddz

    killakiddz TS Rookie

    help meee!!!

    I went and bought myself 2 asus ax300se pciex cards, along with components to build 2 brand new pcs (everything except fot the hdd's).

    now, one card works perfectly, while the other repeatedly gets the infinite loop issue. i have tried swapping cards, and i get the same problem with the same card, which leads me to believe that its a card issue with this particular card.

    however, when i took the card back to my supplier (eclipse computers in coventry, UK for those interested) and they have "run some tests" and found no fault. twice.

    any suggestions please?
  8. killakiddz

    killakiddz TS Rookie

    anyone??? please?????
  9. ddinfo

    ddinfo TS Rookie

    Only two years

    Thx. I bought my ATI All-in-Wonder 7000 two years ago and battled with this problem on and off for a year...I finally shelved the card. I cleaned out my basement and found the card...I figured I would google "infinite loop Via Radeon 7000" again and see i anything new showed up...

    This fix worked. I only wish i had not given up and seen this post when you posted it in Oct 2004...Oh well. tv card is working now....thanks
  10. sp56

    sp56 TS Rookie

    bridge didnt work but i did fix it

    the bridge thing didnt work for me my coputer kept restarting, but i found out if you go into your bios and go to your grapichs card setting and disable "spread spectrum" it seems to fix the problem
  11. novatim

    novatim TS Rookie

    which is my CPU to AGP controller? i cant wai tot try this fix as i've been having this problem on my toshiba laptop. WindowsXP, ATI radeon 7000 AGP, celeron processor, 256MB RAM.

    here is the list i get on right clicking system devices....

    ACPI Fan
    ACPi Fixed Feature Button
    ACPI Lid
    ACPI Thermal Zone
    ATI RS200/RS200M/RS250M Accelerated Graphics Port
    ATI SMBus
    Direct Memory Acces Controller
    Generic Bus
    ISAPNP read data port
    Microcode update device
    Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller
    Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
    Microsoft Composite Battery
    Microsoft System Management BIOS Driver
    Motherboard Resources
    Numeric Data Processor
    PCI Bus
    PCI standard host CPU bridge
    PCI Standard ISA bridge
    PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge
    Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator
    Programmable Interrupt Controller
    System Board
    System CMOS/realtime clock
    System Speaker
    System Timer
  12. -NeRo-

    -NeRo- TS Rookie

    Well.. It worked fine for about 10 min, then my screen just got black as hell

    I have P4 3,2ghz sis-thingie
    Nvidia 6600GT 128mb
    1024mb PC3200

  13. andy_jk10

    andy_jk10 TS Rookie

    hellow man i dont know what to say but i have had a lot of problems with my pc with the stop erro and rebooting im a learning technician and i fix computer but this one i did every thing i could do but nothing helped i have tried your suggestion and it might be a good one thanx very much man ill keep observing so far so good thanx a lot

    pc specs
    intel p4 3.0 gigsocket 775
    1024 ddr2 ram
    nvidia winfast px6600 le 256mb pci express
    120 gig hdd
    gigabyte mother board
  14. amagab

    amagab TS Rookie

    I am working on a Sony Vaio VGN-S260 and am having that darn infinite loop blue screen then black screen error.

    I applied the fix mentioned in the first post and it worked fine temporarily. However, after two weeks of sitting on the shelf I tried to boot it again and to my dismay I got the same frickin' infinite loop error.

    Now it was worse than before. I was going to try the bios spectrum fix mentioned by someone but my graphics card does not show up in the bios.

    Any other ideas? Fixes? I really need to have this fixed as I can't afford to buy another laptop.

    Many thanks!
  15. miss_teerious

    miss_teerious TS Rookie

    Hi "Cobrakaun"

    This is what u wrote...

    right-mouse on CPU to AGP Controller (or whatever your controller is called, mine was SiS AGP)
    Update Driver(button)
    Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
    Select Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.
    Select PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge

    I don't hv any CPU to AGP ctrl in my DevMgr... or any similar entry. However, I do hv 2 entries for PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge. What do I do?

    My system configuration:-
    Intel D102G Mainbrd - ATI Radeon Express 200 chipset with intg A/V/N
    P4 - 3.06
    512MB DDR2
    80GB SATA
    Combo Drv
    Win XP Pro SP2

    This is a brand new PC, purchased just last week, and has been locking-up/ restarting/ giving blue-screens from day one!

    I hv done clean-reinstalls several times until I realized it was actually the vid drvr prb.

    Hv downloaded n installed the latest drivers n the ATI Catalyst Control Centre s/w, after uninstalling all ATI products from my system COMPLETELY. No good.

    Some other forum mentioned sth abt disabling "Fast Writes" under the "SMARTGART" tab... I dont hv that option in my Catalyst Control Centre advance interface. Hv disabled the "Write combining" option in Windows Display Properties though, which didnt help either.

    Plz help!
  16. Arnaudv6

    Arnaudv6 TS Rookie

    Hello community !
    It's my first post, I thank you all for working that hard together.
    I suffer from the same probleme than you, exactly with a X600 PCI express card.
    would HugoFirst or anyone else tell me what he'd do with that config :

    I haven't read the whole topic yet, I'm on, but maybe that link could be interresting:

    bests regards to all of you
  17. Arnaudv6

    Arnaudv6 TS Rookie

    I tried that way too... would someone look up my config and help me please ?
    thanks a lot.
  18. Arnaudv6

    Arnaudv6 TS Rookie

    Would a cool guy help me please ?
    Fitz58 ? HugoFirst ? Does anyone know what he'd do with my problem?
    Thanks a lot : I'm getting mad.
  19. bushwompa

    bushwompa TS Rookie

    I can't believe I have been dealing with ATI for over a year trying to fix this and this solution has been here all along. I have had the infinite loop problem for over a year where I would get hard crashes once an hour - sometimes less, depending on the application. This whole time ALI calls this problem and its fix "unknown". They don't know why it happens or how to fix it. *****s.

    Two weeks ago, I finally started to investigate it myself and came across this fix. My graphics card has never run better. Wow. Not a single crash, and everything runs smoothly on NWN, Star Wars BFII, Pirates!, CIv4, and Madden 2005.

    I have no idea why this fix works, but it worked liked a DAM for me. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. You just saved me a couple hundred bucks I was going to spend on an Nvida card.

    P4 3.2
    512 RAM
    Radeon 9600XT
  20. ta-da

    ta-da TS Rookie

    A big thank you to cobrakaun for this fix,I searched for a long time for a fix to this problem,this worked for me,don't know why but it does.Many thanks for this fix.My pc now runs smoooooth:grinthumb:D
  21. Beu

    Beu TS Rookie

    How do I get to know which is the controller?
  22. dinnyq

    dinnyq TS Rookie

    Simple solution fixed my ati2dvag.dll infinite loop bluescreen

    The batteries were flat in my wireless keyboard.

    Good luck.
  23. powerslave_5th

    powerslave_5th TS Rookie Posts: 25

    man, i have a ati radeon x300 PCI-E, i dont know what to do , i dont know how to apply the solution cobra gave here, please someone help me, im very upset because the pc is brand new!!! please help!
  24. the1

    the1 TS Rookie

    i stuggled with this problem for the last 2 months and finally figured out what was wrong with my vid card. it was my vid card's fan that died, which overheated my system everytime i tried playing any games. i went out and got a new fan for my vid card and everything worked perfectly. so you guys should test your vid card fan to see if its runing correctly. besides that, i dont know. good luck

  25. Hidan

    Hidan TS Rookie

    Thank you, dude! :)

    About less than 20 hours ago, I woke up to find that my pc had hung with some corrupted display(a line of coloured bars at the top of the screen). Then, it could not boot up anymore and kept having some beeping sounds. After leaving the pc off for about a few hours or so, I managed to get the pc boot up again. And it lasted for a few hours until it froze again.

    So, I hope this fix(PCI to PCI) might help counteract the problem on the software side, while I figure out what else might be causing this issue, hardware-wise.
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