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Infinite loop fix!

By cobrakaun ยท 105 replies
Sep 14, 2004
  1. dan the man

    dan the man TS Rookie

    hope this helps someone

    i had the infinate loop displayed on the blue screen of death

    the only was to get into windows was via safe mode in vga

    removed all drivers and started it up again, reloaded drivers... no fix

    after turning it off a few times it just would no longer load and restarted prior getting into bios and failed to turn on monitor.

    obviously i freaked out at this stage.

    tried running one car instead of 2

    no fix

    swapped cards etc

    no fix

    tried starting with no video cards at all (no onboard)

    still no fix so it couldn't be the cards - possibly motherboard?

    i tried whilst still able to get into windows all the above fixes with no luck

    spoke to my it bloke at work, tried a few things and got it working

    problem was my ram had given up the ghost. i was running 4 sticks of 1gb kingston ram

    to find this out

    i removed slots 2 and 4

    no fix

    swaped the removed ram with 1 and 3 and started up fine

    reloaded the ati drivers and works!

    basically the ram was shorting out creating wierd stuff to happen then gave up completely which wouldn't allow a boot

    bit slower now i'm on half my ram but happy the cards are fine.

    thanks to all those who posted previously.

    assisted me to find the fix - just posting this as an alternative possible solution... worked for me

    4gb ram
    3ghz intel core duo
    2x ati radeon pci 512 vid cards in cross fire
    win xp

    looking for proper gaming ram now with heat sinks

    may have been the cause of the failed ram although i have 5 fans in the system in total!

    Cheers guys for the previous posts and i hope someone can make some use of this
  2. teotiki

    teotiki TS Rookie

    ati2dvag frustration

    Ive tried the fix but nowhere under system devices does it say agp to cpu controller or even remotely close please help im gonna throw that card on the road very shortly.....
  3. markman641

    markman641 TS Rookie

    I CANT FIND "right-mouse on CPU to AGP Controller (or whatever your controller is called, mine was SiS AGP)" PLEASE HELP!
  4. markman641

    markman641 TS Rookie

    Meeee toooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!
  5. markman641

    markman641 TS Rookie

    I cant find "right-mouse on CPU to AGP Controller (or whatever your controller is called, mine was SiS AGP)" HELP!!!!
  6. rampanthorse

    rampanthorse TS Rookie

    worked for me. well done
  7. geoflo

    geoflo TS Rookie


    I only had this prob when I installed a 9800xt card. For some reason it did not appear prior to that. I was running an earlier ati card but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.
    The "FIX" was throwing out the 9800 and putting an Nvidia 6600. Inferior I know but it worked. All agp as well.
  8. flashcraft

    flashcraft TS Rookie

    Thank You, cobrakaun. It worked for me. My kid just got Aion a couple weeks ago and had been getting the "crashes to a black screen with sound" problem. He has an ATI Radeon 3850 video card and the latest video driver or more ventilation, etc didn't help.

    This worked! My kid's happy, I'm happy. You're great.
  9. bastol

    bastol TS Rookie

    Hi, this forum helped me find the fix for my PCIexpress HD4850.

    So for those who don't have a CPU to AGP bridge, here's the thing that worked for me so far:

    Instead of looking for "CPU to AGP", look for "PCI standard host CPU bridge" there should be a few of them.

    Before you change anything double click one of these and note the driver version, mine was 5.1.2600.2121.

    All you have to do is update the driver for all these in the same way the first poster of this topic said, except obviously with the "PCI standard host CPU bridge" driver.

    After I did this I noticed that the driver version had changed to 5.1.2600.5512.

    I tried running OCCT GPU again just to check and it completed flawlessly, before I did that I always got a blue screen about 5 minutes into the test with the dreaded infinite loop on ati2dvag.

    Hope this helps PCI express users.
  10. AntiMoronic

    AntiMoronic TS Rookie Posts: 27

    didn't fix my issue. sadly, oh well. Guess I'll just have to get a new comp because this is driving me insane.
  11. karu61210

    karu61210 TS Rookie

    i got the same problem...
    when i play a game i get the blue screen ati2dvag error

    Computer: Insipron 546
    AMD sempron (tm) Processor
    LE - 1300

    here is a picture of the list of what i see in System Devices


    Which one do i pick? can some one explain to me what to do now?

    i would love the help.
  12. MattGill

    MattGill TS Rookie


    I did as your advice suggested to help fix my system from being stuck in the inifinite reboot however when I went to CPU TO AGP Controller to PCI Standard PCI-PCI bridge- it failed as it could not find the software (or similar message). In the system devices the PCI standard now shows with a error sign next to it and no updates seem to be correcting the error.

    Please help.
    Sorry for lack of detail- know very little about computers spec.!
  13. toshaville

    toshaville TS Rookie

    It worked!

    Well, I tried this fix about a week ago, and I think it must have worked, because I haven't gotten that particular blue screen of death since. Thanks a bunch!
  14. Vestu

    Vestu TS Rookie

    Hi, I was having this ati2dvag problem for a month or so. Almost everytime I tried to play some graphically advanced game like Bad Company 2 etc. I would get 70% of the time some white dots and green artifacts on the screen and after a while my computer would freeze and get ati2dvag blue screen. After that it booted by itself, display card fan went to very high speed and my computer would be ****ed up until I visited BIOS, then entered safe mode and then back to normal windows. Sometimes the bsod happened when I just shut my pc down.

    I did everything suggested here, re-installed windows, cleaned my display card's cooling fan (or at least tried) with absolutely no success.

    Then a few days ago I read on some of the thousands of forums I visited because of this problem that 9-4 catalyst drivers would be worth trying for my HD4870x2 card because they're stable and still good enough for modern games etc. even though they're from the first half of 2009. So I booted to safemode and manually uninstalled all ati software and rebooted, then I used driver cleaner and deleted absolutely everything which had "ati" on it on every partition and folder imaginable. Then, still in safemode, installed these 9-4 catalyst drivers and tadaa I am playing bad company 2 for the third day intensively with no problems at all.

    I hope this will help at least some of you. I know there are many reasons for this problem and mine wasn't the typical which can be fixed with the PCI-bridge thingie.
  15. Chaltii

    Chaltii TS Rookie

    My wife's pc is having these problems and I have tried the fix mentioned here but it doesnt work. I have what may be to some a stupid question but it needs asking.
    Would getting a new non ati graphics card and using that solve the problem?
  16. Ritz

    Ritz TS Rookie

    Cannot locate the CPU to AGP controller


    I've got the same ati2dvag infinite loop blue screen and I'm trying to fix it with the method explained in the OP. Here's a screenshot of my system devices. Could you tell me what the CPU to AGP controller is?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit, I am not allowed to post urls or images, so please copy this to the adress bar: i36.tinypic.com/f36m51.jpg
  17. Ritz

    Ritz TS Rookie

    Could someone please respond to the above question, that would be really appreciated!
  18. LagrangeL2

    LagrangeL2 TS Rookie

    Stops loop, but causes too many other problems.

    Ok, I tried replacing the CPU-to-AGP bridge with the PCI-to-PCI bridge. It stopped the infinite-loop problems, but caused several other problems, including:
    - weird white rectangles on screen
    - screws-up laptop mouse functions
    - slows down email retrieval
    - drastically slows down action in games

    Oddly, using the PCI-to-PCI bridge also had some positive effects, in addition to stopping the infinite loop:
    - dramatically sped-up system startup time
    - seemed to speed-up many network operations
    I'm guessing these were due to more RAM and CPU % available due to *not* having the CPU-to-AGP module running.

    But in the end, the bad effects of your fix outweighed the good, and I had to revert. I'll just not run those programs which cause the loop on this computer.

    But for those who can put up with the negative effects, yes, this fix does get rid of the "infinite loop" problem.
  19. Ted Jones

    Ted Jones TS Rookie

    ok so I too am having the same infinite loop problem... but I have to do everything in safe mode or else as soon as windows opens it shutsdown and restarts...

    but I got through updateing the drivers in the first post and... well I have more then one controller =/ and yea... one says "Intel(R) 82801FB LPC Interface controller - 2640", "Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM SMBus controller - 266A", "Intel(R) 915G/P/GV processor to I/O controller - 2580" and "programmable interupt controller"... im not sure if those are word for word =/ and I cant get me computer online to post the specs cuz my house is basically wifi... (and I don't really know how to do that anyways) =/ help?

    or better yet, can someone tell me what I need to replace if I just go to best buy right now...?
  20. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,103   +420

    Ted, try installing the motherboard chipset drivers if you haven't already. Uninstall any old ones first, if any.
  21. Blackagnel86

    Blackagnel86 TS Rookie

    if you have pci card uninstall drives completly reboot and use old drivers
    like from your cd or from ati.amd.com...its work for me

    i had same problem...i was searching on google and its looks that issue have differnt solution for each pc...sometime its antivirus firewall or you cant fix it how is posted here...or if you have a pci card like me uninstall drivers complety!reboot and instal original drivers on your cd...or ati.amd.com(previous drivers)...its looks like a conflict whit servise pack and new drivers...i hope they fix it soon or i buy geforce:D

    i think its bad idea change drivers like this...pci to pci bridge...its simple old drivers work!...its conflict with microsoft update and new ati drivers....trust me i spend lot of time on this issue.

    i think ati2dvag.dll in SP2.cab and SP3.cab (servise pack 2,3)and new drivers of ati drivers is in conflict.

    try this hit F3 on your desktop type ati2dvag.dll(search in hiden place,search on every hdd etc)if your PC stuck old version drivers help..also its possible that issue is different on each pc. i got pci card not agp and this work for me fine Sorry for me english iam from Czech Republic good luck and no more errors :)
  22. bsten

    bsten TS Rookie

    Still problems

    I tried the above, but am still having problems. E.g. when searching the computer it restarts or I get the BSOD.

    I have XP w/SP3, Radeon HD2400 (AGP) 256 MB, 1GB RAM.

    I went into safe mode (logged in as adm), uninstalled ATI drivers via AtiCimUn.exe, tried installing 9-4_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm.exe but to no avail. Also tried 10-12_xp32_dd_ccc_enu.exe and 10-12_agp-hotfix_xp32_dd_ccc.exe but the comp wouldn't allow me.

    Went into normal mode, was suddenly stuck in 640x800 and 4-bit mode. Installed 10-12 hotfix and got back to normal.

    But still I get the BSOD and black screens and random restarts. What to do? How come I cannot install old drivers, that is 9-4 xp32 etc?

    And how do I know what drivers are inside the different catalyst packages?

    Oh yes, I've tried the new driver from the ATI site but it seems as if it's for the PCI-E and not AGP.

  23. Ghoh

    Ghoh TS Rookie

    Restoring Previous Drivers solved ATI2DVAG infinite loop problem

    I uninstalled the newest Video Driver that I installed when I did a new install of XP2 and replaced it with original drivers from the CD that came with the card.

    Uninstall the Display Adapter and manually point the process to the older ones on the CD. I accepted all the older drivers so now I will never know if just the one, ATI2DVAG, was alone the culprit. I have no intention of reinstalling the bad driver and then fixing the problem over again to find out.

    Note: When I tried to reinstall the driver from the Cd the system refused to replace the current drivers.

    Thank you cobrakaun! Your solution didn't work for me but it sure got me thinking.
    Best regards
  24. moroa

    moroa TS Rookie

    I got this problem but it only happen when I'm surfing on the internet, I can play for 10 hours a game and it won't happen, but as soon as I surf ( on firefox at the moment ) it will freeze at some random time.

    I'm gonna try to change form firefox to chrome or IE and see how it goes, but I'm curious to see if anyone else have this issue
  25. amp0

    amp0 TS Rookie

    I was having this problem every day with my new Asus board, which has a Radeon HD 4200 built-in. I dropped the GPU clock from 500MHz (the default) down to 400MHz and have not had any issues since.
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