Infinite loop fix!

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Sep 14, 2004
  1. PloppyPlpper

    PloppyPlpper TS Rookie

    nice1 thank you

    I don't know what it did but I followed your instructions Cobrakaun and now my computer doesn't freeze any more when I'm playing games. Thanks very much.
  2. MTech

    MTech TS Rookie

    you're a genius!

    I just wanted to say that Cobrakaun, you are a genius! i tried your fix and it worked like a charm! I have been struggling with that infinite loop error for months now and your fix did the trick! why can't ATI and VIA fix their hardware? Doesn't seem right that consumers need to find out how to make their hardware work when they are the manufacturers. Keep up the good work!! I'm actually using the video card for cadd work so it is crucial that it not freeze and blue screen me. I'm trying to view autocad plans in 3D and BAM! freeze and reboot! now, no more!! it's great. Thank you again.
  3. KOD

    KOD TS Rookie

    Hi there,
    about the ati2dvag.dll causing BSOD...

    I have a Tecra laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 on it.
    Unfortunately the posted "AGP to PCI-to-PCI" trick did not work very well in this case, not that I did not hope for it.

    After uninstalling all ATI stuff first,
    well, as odd as it might sound, I just
    1-Deleted the "ATI2DVAG.DL_" file from the install folder. (In: ts1vidx\Driver\2KXP_INF\B_07765)
    2-Install App from the \Driver folder using the SETUP.EXE
    3-Install App from the \CPanel folder using the SETUP.EXE in the ts1vidx folder.

    Yet i just work find, hope it can help

    Franck Langsfeld

    Like a bad apple removed from the basket I suppose.
  4. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    You could use recovery console ,, or safe mode, driver cleaner, on dat,
  5. LayLow

    LayLow TS Rookie

    I have had this "infinite loop" error on and off for the past year nearly. Now it's got to the point where it's very annoying. I tried this fix but it didn't appear to work for me. I have tried the usual cleaning, fresh install of drivers, safe mode, old drivers, new drivers, disabling sound, tweaks, fixing heating issues, agp4/8x all of it that you can imagine.

    At the moment it BSOD's or crashes within 10-25mins of playing a game and it's very annoying.

    I'm glad to see this fix worked for alot of people though, but it mainly seems to be people that have VIA onboard sound that it worked for. I have Abit NF8 with Nvidia onboard sound and i don't know if anyone has any fix tips for that mobo.
  6. keshava108

    keshava108 TS Rookie

    thanks dude!

    yay worked for me.

    I have via vt8237 with onboard sound

    i just joined this place to say thanks!
  7. robin.k

    robin.k TS Rookie

    Cobrakaun - Thanks Thanks Thanks all I can say.

    I have been struggling for almost 2years with this problem on my HP laptop. Have had numerous HP techs "assist" me... nothing worked.

    Until I found your post about the Standard PCI - PCI bridge solution.

    I tried it... and it worked. I have waited quite a while before posting this just to make sure it worked... and it has worked!

    I have been BSOD free without any "infinite loop" sticking at all.

    Thanks again!
  8. darbzenith

    darbzenith TS Rookie

    i'm glad that so many have been helped by such an ingenius fix. i still cant work out how Cobrakaun worked it out??

    anyway i cant find the CPU to AGP on my system? see attached - please help!

    NEC VERSA P8210
    Mobility Radeon x1600
  9. invertebra

    invertebra TS Rookie

    works fine!

    wow, ive been struggling against the loop for weeks now, thanks for the tip.

    but theres something i still cant work out, maybe someone coulp help me out: since the blue screen/infinite loop problem started and i updated my video driver (im using a 64MB Geforce AGP), my drive doesnt recognize any DVD i try to use. CDs go just fine.

    I downloaded the latest diver for this videocard at the Nvidia site, but DVD stil doesnt work. Any ideas?

    thanks a lot in advance.
  10. pmo123

    pmo123 TS Rookie

    I have a sony vaio vgn-260p that was having the same problem. It would die with the the ATI infinite loop error as soon as it booted. These instructions have worked like a charm. Thanks much!
  11. tipheret29

    tipheret29 TS Rookie


    The ati2dvag infinite loop error always occur everytime I play Sims 2 Seasons.. I have ATI Radeon x1550 (it's a PCI Xpress card) and Catalyst 7.4.. I tried the fix but I couldn't seem to find the CPU to AGP Controller in System Devices.. I read the thread and I wasn't able to find any answers for PCI cards.. Please help..
  12. tetch

    tetch TS Rookie

    So Excited!!!

    This worked perfectly for me from what I could tell. Just went through the process & booted up w/o blue screen like a charm! I was so excited I had to post this even though I may never use this login again. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!

    P.S. This was an eBay gamble is why I'm so excited :)
  13. cyberlub

    cyberlub TS Rookie

    infinityloop loop fix.


    My HP NX7000 works perfect again, thanks to you!!

  14. Krazywill427

    Krazywill427 TS Rookie

    well i have a similar problem every time i play a game after a while my screen justs goes black like its in stand by then im froce to manully shut down my computer do you think that this fix would help me
  15. Isolobal

    Isolobal TS Rookie

    Man, u r awesome. Sony VAIO users and V game players, look at here

    first, great thanks to cobrakaun. At least, so far, my laptop back to normal.

    I have a Sony VAIO crap S260p laptop (never buy sony again). It began show blue screen from this morning and crushed many times today by the ati2dvag error. By the end, it can only last less than 3 min after powered up.

    I followed cobrakaun's steps and finished in <3 min (not easy, try a few times). Now it back to normal (at least for half hour).

    What I figured out is, a few days before, I remembered I changed some setup for my video card in some game setting!!!

    If you have the same problem, see if you also did some changes when you just install a video game recently. I don't know how to change your setup back, every game differs from others. You need figure out by yourself.

    Probably what happen is that after the setup first changed, your video card conneted to cpu in a wrong way (at least not prefect way for your computer). The system can last sometime in this way, but some hardware (capacities) may be burned. Then, this way can not work anymore. This is just something I guess, sorry, my major is not in hardware.

    Good luck, folks.

  16. ScottLind

    ScottLind TS Rookie

    This solution didn't work for me, at all!
    My specs:

    Gigabyte main/motherboard - can't remember the version.
    1GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB Seagate HDD
    Club 3D ATi Radeon HD 2400 Pro AGP

    Can it be, because of my graphics card is AGP?
  17. soyambhu

    soyambhu TS Rookie

    ATI2dvag.dll infinite loop fix needed!!

    I have a Sony VAIO VGN S260 and has been good pc till few weeks. Now it is acting wierd and have problem booting up. Plus just shuts down after 30 mins.

    I tried to follow CobraKaun 's fix but i couldnot find CPU to AGP controller.

    Please guide me. I cannot affort a new pc at this time.

  18. DrDoug

    DrDoug TS Rookie

    Hello! New member, and I hope I have something to contribute on day

    I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 9100 (XPS style) laptop that has the 128Mb. ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 graphics card in it. The first time I booted it up, I got the ATI infinite loop BSOD. It would boot up to the point where the login screen was supposed to load, and it would pause there for about 20 seconds and cough up the BSOD. So I held the power button down to shut down and then restarted the laptop. It went right in the second time.

    I changed drivers, no good. I tried Omega drivers, no good. I reinstalled XP Pro, no good. One day I tried to start it up off of the battery instead of the power supply, and I got one infinite loop BSOD after another. I could not load XP while running on battery. Later that day, the laptop coughed up the infinite loop BSOD while just sitting there idling in XP.

    I researched this on the net, and I am surprised that I have never encountered this problem before. I build custom computers for a living (own business), and I use ATI exclusively unless a customer specifies otherwise. Out of hundreds of systems I have built, none have had this problem. So that caught my eye right away. Why have I been the exception? Also, I know Dell never would have sold this laptop if it ran like this from day one. These clues led me to find and fix the problem with my laptop, and now it runs perfectly. On battery and on AC power.

    In all of my reading, one thing that kept coming to mind was heat. The Dell 9100 laptop I have has a 3.2 GHz Prescott processor and Intel chipset package, on top of the Radeon. It is a small furnace when gaming. When I build custom gaming PC's, I use aftermarket GPU coolers and thermal paste (AS Ceramique on the GPU and AS Thermal Adhesive on RAM sinks) and large, well ventilated cases that are equipped with way more power supply than is necessary. So my systems run cooler because they are designed to do so.

    I installed a temp monitoring system on my 9100 laptop, and I recorded the temps at idle and full gaming loads. The cpu was hitting in the mid 150's (F) under load and idling at 129. The chipset was hitting the mid 150's under load, and idling at 136. The GPU was hitting low 160's under load and idling at 134. All of these temps are high, at idle and load. I pulled the three fans out of the laptop, cleaned them (they were pretty clean to begin with) and tested again. The temps barely dropped (1-2 degrees).

    So I pulled the laptop apart, pulled the thermal pads that Dell used and checked the heatsinks for contact. The cpu and northbridge heatsinks sat right on the chips, so I reassembled them with AS Ceramique thermal paste. I pulled the RAM sink and heatsink from the ATI 9700, and removed the thermal pads from them. I noticed that one of the two RAM thermal pads were discolored. Interesting. After pulling the GPU thermal pad, I placed the heatsink back on the GPU to check it for clearance.

    I found the problem! The heatsink on the 9100 is almost .050 of an inch off of the GPU chip. The thermal pad showed that the GPU and the heatsink were not in close contact. I laughed my rear off when I saw the gap. How in the heck Dell thought this was ok is beyond me.

    The way the heatsink mounts, the only way to bring it closer to the GPU is to shave the four mounting legs down (shorter), so the heatsink is closer to the GPU. My heatsink legs were .247 inch long, and I cut them down to just under .200 inch. The back brace the heatsink legs screw to also has to be cut down a like amount so it clamps the heatsink in place properly.

    I carefully dry assembled the RAM and GPU heatsinks, and bent the tabs on the RAM sinks so they would line up with square with the RAM chips and to take up the space that the thinner adhesive strips left. The RAM sink is very thin and you can bend the legs (carefully!) on it with a pair of needlenose pliers. Once everything lined up, I replaced the thermal pads that were on the RAM sinks with thin thermal adhesive strips for computer memory heatsinks. I put a dab of AS Ceramique on the GPU and then reassembled the video card.

    I put it back together, held my breath and fired the laptop up. It went into XP without hesitating. I shut it down and pulled the power and then started it up on the battery. It started and went in to XP fine. I have been using it for a week now, and no more problems. The cpu temp is 134 under load and 112 at idle, the GPU is 138 under load and 114 at idle, and the Northbridge chip is 145 under load and 115 at idle. This is a huge improvement over the original readings.

    High end graphics cards are heat and power sensitive. Heat is resistance, and resistance means less power. That is why overclockers commonly mess with voltages on their system to stabilize them. Well, the inverse is true too. If you have just enough power to get the job done with little headroom left, overheating will cause problems where none existed before.

    I hope this helps some people out. I do not think that this is the sole answer to the problem, but I bet it is a major factor. Another point is that switching to the PCI to PCI bridge does not push the video card as hard and that explains why it helps some people out. Temperatures are reduced with less drive, and it only masks the real problem.

    Heatsink pads and compounds will eventually dry out. Service your computers, and do not assume that Dell (or any other manufacturer) did everything right the first time. That GPU to heatsink gap on my laptop was a clear mistake, and Dell expected the crappy foam thermal pad to do the job. It failed.
  19. tripweb

    tripweb TS Rookie

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to send a note of THANKS! I had started troubleshooting this problem and started the normal ways - updating video card drivers in Safe Mode, etc. Luckily your post came up first on Google and I tried it and Voila! pc problem fixed. This saved all kinds of time - so I just wanted to drop off a note of THANKS.
  20. InfiniteLOOP

    InfiniteLOOP TS Rookie

    Hello there, can you please look at these pictures and what here is an CPU to AGP Controller? I have been experiencing the infinite loop problem for months, becuse of it i could not play and advance game or anything. So i am just hoping that you can help me to find my problem.

    Wich one of these is the CPU to AGP Controller?


    I do not know what AGP TO CPU Controler means (I know AGP Stands for Accelerated Graphics Port and CPU for Central processing unit, but i do not know the names of either of these in my sistem, so please tell me what they are XD, and if i don't have them can you please tell me how to get it?)
  21. tomemailbox

    tomemailbox TS Rookie

    Thanks a lot!!!

    mine was VAIO VGN-S360P
    ati2dvag/ ERROR / BLUE SCREEN

  22. fritzroy15

    fritzroy15 TS Rookie

    YEAAAAA! ATI2DVAG fixed indeed!

    it worked! this finally fixed the infinite loop problem! I love you sir, really, really I do!! :D

    Thanks again, your post was probably the last I would have ever read on this topic, after 10 hours of non-stop frantik searching on google, you saved my day!

    Again, a million thanks, hope google picks up on this thread since it's by far the best solution to fixing that infinite loop ati2dvag bug for the x1650 :)
  23. gaffam

    gaffam TS Rookie

    God Bless you for this!

    I've been at this for 2 days straight. Promised my 7-year old nephew that I could install a video card so he could play his Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game. ATI Radeon 9250. Was even the card suggested by the game maker. I think he was afraid Auntie had lost her touch. You've given me the chance to be hero again. I've forwarded your fix to microsoft so you can save others from hours of frustration. A thousand thanks.
  24. mantraul

    mantraul TS Rookie

    Thank's dude
  25. ruuga

    ruuga TS Rookie

    Nah, it still doesn't work for me. I'm still getting infinite loops... :(

    My Specs:
    Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    ASUS P5VD2-VM SE Motherboard
    1 gb DDR2 Kingston RAM
    ATI Radeon X1550 512 mb (with latest driver version)
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