Infinite loop fix!

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Great day in the morning

Thank you sir, after months of searching, and trying everything you tried with no avail, your solution worked. unfortunately I already ordered a new ATI 6870 for me to give my boy "the one who had the problem" my old 5770, thinking the only other possible solution was the video card. Well maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all. :approve:
Infinite loop ati2dvag


Thanks for the update, however,

1) Monitor shutdowns and do not wake up when watching youtube videos, sometimes watching in fullscreen. Results in VPU recovery.

2) BSOD: The exact BSOD error message is as follows:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
The problem seems to be caused by the following file : ati2dvag
If this is the first time you 've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer.
If this screen appears again, follow these steps :
The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates problem with
the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly.
Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates.

This happens any time without overclocking, or while just browsing or performing other windows operation.

Windows XP professional SP2
Adobe flash player:
Google Chrome

PC Config:
Motherboard: ASUS M4A784TD-V EVO
Graphics Chipset: ATI Radeon HD 4200[onboard card] Graphics Bus Capability:pCI Memory Size: 700MB Memory Type: HyperMemory.
Chipset: AMD 785G /SB710
Memory : DDR3 Kingston 4GB (2*2)
Dell HD monitor – DVI
PSU – 500W

This issue is open from two long years and no solution yet from AMD or Microsoft, could you please guide me to the fix/patch or let me know the right reason. As the docs provided below, it only talks about the hardware compatibility, and my configuration is compatible.

Lot of " PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" are listed in "System Devices". and no cpu or something similar

Please help
Ati loop fixed

I just spent a week and a half fighting this problem. I recently upgraded my htpc from a d620 to a d745. Both under win xp pro, but I did a clean install for the 745. I started running into the infinite loop blue screen almost immediately and sporadically. Here is what I did to troubleshoot.

Updated bios
Installed numerous different versions of ati drivers from ATI and 3dguru.
Updated every driver on the system including going so far as to use a driver finder tool to try beta drivers.
Tried under-clocking the graphics processor(this did have some success but occasional lock ups still occurred.

Finally I grabbed a new power supply out of inventory in my garage and the problem went away. My guess is that if the ati card does not get external direct power it is more susceptible to power fluctuation.
Infinite Loop

Cobrakaun you are the best!!!! I lv you more than everyone else on this page!!!!
My computer is working after trying to get everything fixed.
You are the man(if you are a guy:)!!!!
OMG this is like a computer orgasam;) :rolleyes:thank you babe...muah muah muah!!!!
IT WORKED YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):D
Big thanks

Mega thanks to cobrakaun. Your post fixed my problem. My specs:

ATI Radeon 7500 graphics
Catalyst Suite Catalyst Software Suite 6.11 (latest)
.NET 2.0
Win XP Pro SP3
Gigabyte motherboard 8s661fxmp-rz (SIS chipset)

My problem is slightly different to others in this thread. I originally setup my computer to be a home server & have used default XP drivers for the 7500 which works fine. Last week I installed Catalyst because I wanted to use dual display. After installation, "serious error" messages appeared whenever I shutdown the server. The minidump is as follows:

On Mon 13-Jun-11 12:28:04 PM your computer crashed
This was likely caused by the following module: ati2dvag.dll
Bugcheck code: 0x100000CF (0xBF0319CC, 0x0, 0xBF0319CC, 0x0)
Error: Unknown

I am able to close the error messages & continue to work as normal but these errors are getting on my nerves. So google search lead me here.

In my case, under System Devices the only relevant entry is PCI Standard Host CPU Bridge. I updated the existing driver (5.1.2600.5512) to PCI Standard PCI-to-PCI Bridge which is the only available option. I note this only refreshes the driver as the driver version remained the same. After that I rebooted several times & have not seen the error message again. I think what happened is somehow Catalyst damaged the driver & refreshing the driver did the trick.

Cheers :)


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For gods sake!!!!! Finally a solution came up!!! THANK GOOD SIR REALLY THANK YOU!!!!!!!
also can i ask one question? well i did those procedures and it solved the reboot problem the fact is that now when i play a certain game its a lot slower than before...
maybe this is a problem that occures from the solution you mention?
Thank you for your time,

P.S. and thank you again!!!
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