Inno 3D Geforce 6600 GT (256Mb) Problem

By xxpeetxx
Mar 1, 2006
  1. Hi!

    I have a geforce 6600 Gt, and it doesn't work properly. When im playin' games, for exmpl: LOTR: Battle for Middleearth, Need for speed most wanted,or other needfo', the game is so slow. But it's not just the grapich card, i don have much RAM. Thats allright, but if the card is OK, then why i see so many big grapichal crashes in the game. fexmpl: Need for speed: the street is transparent, the tree is in the middle of the road, the berm of the road is in the front of me, and overlay the way. Or in the Battle for middleearth, I can see trought the ground, or i have some big black holes in the land. So I dont know what is the reason of those crashes.

    Can anyone help me?

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