Drivers Inno 3D MX 400 TV driver need

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Can you help me?


I can't find a driver for Inno 3D MX 400 TV. Probably (I hope - not), you will have some probmlems like this in a future. And i can help you too. :angel:


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Your Inno graphics card is based on the NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX400 graphics chip so the appropriate NVIDIA driver would probably work. However InnoVision also supply their own driver for it and you can get it here:
Click on 'Nvidia' for product type.
Click on 'GeForce 2 MX' for product (Geforce 2 MX includes the MX400 model)
Click on 'Display Driver' in software box.
Click appropriate operating system then click 'Download'.
If driver doesn't work get the GeForce driver here from the chip manufacturer (they supply a 'forceware' unified driver which supports all their graphics chips in a single driver -- doesn't mention 3D support though, so your probly better off using the Inno driver.
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