Inspiron 2500 Internal Hard Drive Password removal

By PapaSmurf88
May 24, 2005
  1. Hey guys I'm bought a Dell Inspiron 2500 over ebay and i cant start up the computer because of I dont have the internal Hard Drive Password. I tried emailing the guy I bought it from but he hasnt emailed me back the password. I did some searching on google and came up on this website and tried out a couple thread on this website. I tried the debug mode, and the latitude.exe to try and reset the password. the latitude program didnt work because I have a 7 digit service tag and im not sure why the debug mode didnt work but I followed the instructions exactly and the password was still there. Does anyone know if there is another program like the latitude.exe that will work with the 7 digit service tag or do i have to go through dell and get there password reset device. Thanks for all your help in advance.

    Papa Smurf
  2. hikehara

    hikehara TS Rookie

    the software which can crack hd pwd never exist?
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