Inspiron 8600 Processor Issue...

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I have just recently noticed that my Dell Inspiron Laptop is running at a slower processor speed that it should be... It should be running at 1700mhz and is only running at 594 mhz... Its plugged in and I just did a fresh install so its back to factory default... I have tried to contact the customer support but all efforts have failed because they don't understand what I am talking about... I hope someone can give me an idea of what I should do.. Thanks!


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Please Contact Me On This Issue. Had Simmilar Issues. No Expert, But Have Had 5 Years With Dell Laptop Usage, Inspiron 2650,8500,8600,e1505!!!


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Your processor will scale speed according to usage, even when plugged in (some models). This is called SpeedStep for Intel CPUs.

If you don't trust Windows' SpeedStep management, you can install and use a nifty utility called Notebook Hardware Control which can be found here.

This program allows customization of speeds and voltages under different scenarios. Please keep in mind it offers more advanced features than what you're looking for and while you're welcome to explore - you can do some negative things to your computer.
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