Installed I386 C PROMPT on LAPTOP

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Oct 13, 2005
  1. So I have a laptop that doesnt have a cd or floppy drive and in need of an XP install. I used the bootdisk to get to the DOS prompt; partitioned and formatted C and D drives. Both drives are fat32.

    I copied all the I386 folders on my fat32 D drive while the HD was connected to my desktop computer. (took over 3hrs to copy all the files)

    I put the HD back in the laptop and I got NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND.
    I checked BIOS and made sure its setup to boot from HD. I didn't get the C:\> prompt I was hoping for. I have the files but can't access them. Is the C prompt supposed to come up on its own? If so, what makes it do that?

    This is my last step to installing XP.

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
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  3. EvolZx6R

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    Son Of Power

    I'm ready to give that a try but now my laptop doesnt even powerup! WTF! It powered up fine last night (w/HD in) and I left it charged overnight, w/o the hard drive in it. This morning I get nothing from the laptop....

    Talk about frustrating!

    Any ideas whats causing this?
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    From a boot-floppy, you should format that laptop C-drive incl. system!
    format c: /s
    Put it back in the laptop, boot from HD and you'll get your prompt.
  5. EvolZx6R

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    Still not booting to dos

    I did the format C: /s and put the laptop back in. I still get the No OS Found message.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    You sure the laptop BIOS is set to boot FIRST from harddisk?
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