Installed new noctua nh-d15 and now my system wont even post?


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Im not a pro but I have built my last 3 pc's.I installed this on an asus maximus vii formula mobo.I left most everything plugged in during the install,including the psu for the ground.I used artic silver 5 and didnt use too much just a little ploop's well now the mobo wont even give me a post,no beep no nothing it's getting power fans spin up it flashes a bunch of codes on the little led screen on the mobo,then restarts and flashes a bunch more number and letter codes ending with a2 and just stops there nothing else. ANY IDEAS ?? I WILL PROBABLY BE replugging everything in after I send this thread thru ill let you know if that does anything.ANY SUGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED !

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Looping restart is usually a power issue. Could be loose 4(or 8) pin CPU power connector.
Fan spins, but could the sensor connection be loose (usually 4 pin connection with PWM circuit). I'm hoping it is as simple as this. Otherwise, I think you are going to have to track down those 'flashing codes'.


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The A2 code is rather a vague one. I'd start with just the essentials installed - CPU, RAM and PSU; plug the monitor, if possible, into the onboard HMDI. See what happens then - if it boots okay, then put the GPU back in. After that, try SATA connections one at a time.
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