Installed New Power Supply / CD Drives not recognized

By DaTBoYJoe
Jun 27, 2013
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  1. I have a Dell Dimension 5100 Desktop computer that the power supply recently went on so I replaced it and now the computer is not recognizing the CD/DVD drives?

    When I first installed it and powered the computer on it said I had a Floppy Diskette Seek Failure . I don't have any floppy drives installed so I disabled it through the BIOS and now I noticed the drives aren't working . I have two drives installed one to play dvds and burn cds and the other is a dvd burner . Both of the drives power up and you can hear the disk spinning but nothing happens and the computer doest show I have them?
  2. hood6558

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    The old PSU may have taken out the motherboard when it fried - fairly common, especially with the cheap O.E.M. units used by Dell. Also, some Dell boards are proprietary, which means the connectors may not be standard ATX - Check the pinout on the 24 pin ATX connector to make sure it matches on both PSUs.
  3. DaTBoYJoe

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    I looked in to the PSU before I bought a new one and the one for my dell system is not a proprietary PSU so it should be ok . I'm checking the pins now but everything on the computer works fine it's just not finding the cd /dvd drives

    Thank You
  4. DaTBoYJoe

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    The wires match up perfect , Well except the o.e.m PSU has 2 white wires on top the new PSU has 2 yellow wires there .... Othere then that they match perfect

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