Installing HP DVD 1260i

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Jul 19, 2010
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  1. I bought this knowing I had sata HDD's installed and thought that I could use one of the sata connectors to hook it up but now I am unsure. Looking over my MB manual all it states is that u can hook up HDD's, it states serial ATA 2 connectors of which I have 3 open. Can I use these or do I need to exchange it for an IDE dvd drive? MB is a XFX 780i 3-way SLI.
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    You should be able to hook up a SATA optical drive to the motherboard's SATA connectors. I do it with my PCs. Are you having trouble doing so?
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    C: yes - HDD
    D: yes - HDD
    E: yes - DVDRW
    F: yes - B-RAY

    All of the above are SATA II that's how I configured mine. You should have no issues, just plugin the SATA cable into your MOBO SATA Controller.


    C: HDD
    D: This drive your trying to mount

    Check the BIOS and see if it can detect the new unit? Are you replacing IDE drive with this one?
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    the optical drive is a SATA, I am replacing a IDE, my board has both IDE and SATA connectors. That connector says it is "not for CD-DVD drives" but thanks.

    I haven't tried to connect it yet just wanted to check before I did something I might regret, Thanks for the replys.
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    Are your HDDs even running as SATA in the first place...? Unless this is a pre-built PC, or you installed the SATA drivers (Press "F"-6 during install) your HDDs would have to be running in IDE emulation mode anyway.

    That said, you can run the SATA optical in IDE emulation mode also.

    So, just plug it in. If it doesn't work I'd be very much surprised.
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    Tore down my pc and gave it a thorough blow out (had nothing to do with question) and installed it while putting things back together and is working fine. Thanks to all of you.
    HDD's are installed with sata drivers.

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