Installing new SATA..first time..won't boot

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Jul 21, 2007
  1. I again turn to the Techspot community to save my ***.

    I am currently running a two drive IDE set up, not RAID. I have my OS and a few programs on my 100 GB primary drive, and a secondary 250 GB drive that has a few more programs and storage on it. I only have two bays for hard drives, so I removed my secondary drive and put my SATA in. I have a modular power supply, so I plugged in the cord for SATA power and off we went. When I turned on my computer, I was taken to set up because the Mobo didn't recognize a primary drive, only the SATA drive. Of course, I can't boot because the mobo won't recognize my IDE 100 GB. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in, only to have the same problem. Does the mobo not like my secondary drive being gone? I've been looking for answers online and can't come up with any advice. Should I just ghost my IDEs to an external, put in SATA, then recover my 100 GB OS drive? I'd be happy to provide any more info if needed..
  2. CCT

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    You added a new drive and the drive was added to the line up as last entered, first booted.

    In your boot priority in bios, click on the new drive and disable boot.
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    You have a configuration issue. Perhaps you need too much info to post here. You might want to do some serious reading on SATA, dual boots, and configurations. There is some good stuff at for WXP and VISTA systems, and of course, a lot of helpful stuff available with a Google search. You might want to look for "Mixing Hard Drives" or "Using SATA and EIDE drives" or "Using SATA and PATA drives together" or "Configuring Dual Drives". There is a lot of good stuff that will be of help.

    Beyond that, be sure you have good quality cables that are long enough to allow the case to open without stretching cables, and that you have appropriate sockets and plugs in the right places, and you know which are which.
  4. foycur

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    my problem isn't the sata doing the booting...I wish it were that simple. It's that my motherboard sort of 'forgot' the IDE drives when I put in the SATA. I looked for them in BIOS, but they weren't registering. I'll take the advice and do some googling.
  5. CCT

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    Not knowing whether you have Primary and Secondary IDE controllers is a problem. Some newer boards only have one.

    If you have both, you can have a Master and Slave on each, or a master only on each, etc, BUT there is no such thing as an IDE 'secondary' drive.

    So, what controller is the Master IDE on and what connection (ie, the modern cable for primary IDE controller is 80 wire 40 pin and the Master ends up on the Black connector).

  6. Samstoned

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    issue is in bios
    the bios may have been setup to start with a sata boot??
    some bio's stall when no boot not found there could be a disable switch there to keep looking for the loader
    check your manual
    and re-config bios
    you can experiment by putting sata drive on channel 2 or higher and see if machine boots
    I have older 2003 machine that if you set boot priority to ide 1st and the boot is SATA it stops
    and so on
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