Installing redhat and mandrake 10.1

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Feb 21, 2005
  1. hi i need to know which version of redhat is newest and best.
    Right now i have 2 hard drives in my compaq presario s5100nx.
    one is 80gb with 2 partitions one for recovery one for random data i wanna
    store. I also bought and installed a 160gb western digital hard drive(d). i want to have 5 patitions in it. and install redhat on one and mandrake on another while not bothering with my xp home on hard disc c and d ( the 70gb).
    could i take the 70gb out just to be sure i dont screw it up and what would be the best way to install mandrake and redhat. (the other partitions are for later os's i plan to add in.
    also. does mac x work with windows in multiboot.
    thanks for all your help.
    and i already downloaded cds from an ftp site for mandrake and im working on redhat.
    can u link me to some guide
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  3. i_need_answers

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    if im installing to new partitions on my 160 gb can i take my xp home (80gb) out.
    so i don't accidentilly overwrite on it and which should i install first mandrake or redhat. and can you link me to a guide to multibooting and installing new os's
    i already have the cds. sorry for all the questions but should i format my 160 gb
    before installing mandrake and redhat or does it do it for you.
    thanks for your help.
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  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Mac OS X? No.
  6. i_need_answers

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    hey thanks ,
    but i think i don't have a master boot record on the hard drive or something
    anyone know how to put one there.
    ps. in bios it won't even recognize the hard drive is there.
  7. zephead

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    there's your problem right there.

    redhat 9 gives you the option for using lilo or grub as a boot loader and where to install either one. install grub to the mbr (it seems to be better and newer than lilo). i haven't tried the latest fedora yet (on my to do list), however.
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