Instructions on how to set up a LAN party

By Rage_3K_Moiz · 8 replies
May 6, 2006
  1. Okay so I've heard a lot about LAN parties but I wanna host one myself(never been to one either). I want detailed instructions on how to do this and what hardware is needed if possible. It would help if u guys could also provide me with details on what food/beverages would go well with the whole thing.
  2. pkroks

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    Just remember, Google is your friend. :)

    But here you go. The guide
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Thanks a lot mate. I owe u one :grinthumb
  4. #Curtis

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    There are several good guides out there, the one as posted above and this one. You should really try and check one out before you setup your own, ask the host how they set it up etc, get information, most gamers or host will be happy to help and explain the layout if they aren't too busy, also, get around 5 or 6 friends round before you try any thing big and play against each other, that way you can learn slowly about administrating the network.

    In terms of hardware a switch is often the best choice, i have just bought a nice 16port, unbranded switch for only £17 off ebuyer which is easily meets mine and my friends needs.

    I assure you there isnt quite a feeling like setting up a LAN, and getting a load of like minded people around to play games for hours on end :)
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Absolutely. Had 14 of us guys and gals(yeah I know, but there were like 6 girls and the rest were guys. Times are a-changin' I guess) playing Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam SE for like 10 hours straight. Hilarious and a lot of fun. The only major problem I faced was managing the power outlets and avoiding daisy chaining but that guide took care of everything. It's highly recommended for first time LAN party hosts.
  6. pcaceit

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    Would one have to dress up to attend one of these lan parties, and how physical is this unreal tornament...could i get hurt? and where are they held and how much is entrance fee or can i just bring a bottle?????
  7. #Curtis

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    Prices vary at different events depending on the size, as those guides say "the more you charge the more people expect", you should take your own computer and a power cord with a couple of outlets, most events only let a maximum of 2 outlets per gamer to prevent an overload, there are many LAN gaming site on the internet that contain a list of local LAN events, i suggest you try google. You dont have to dress up but someones people do, Unrealtornament is just again, often hosts will setup 'torneys' for you to prove your 'l33t skillz' and win prizezs :) People who attend are all generally the same and have respect for each other and their machines, they are usually very friendly places.
  8. pcaceit

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    You got me there Curtis, lol cause i dont know if you took my little joke seriously or not.
    I am not a gamer myself but best regards your reply has made my day.
  9. #Curtis

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    Thats right make me the fool :( I saw the post and was like, hey i know something about that *Gets into zone* :p
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