Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows Vista Ver. 15.7 won't install

By pyromaster114 · 4 replies
Dec 7, 2007
  1. The Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows Vista * 32 driver for the 965 chipset won't install on a thinkpad x61t running windows vista ultimate (32 bit).
    It says that the installer will now exit due to not being "validated for this computer."

    I downloaded it from intel's website at Vista* Ultimate, 32-bit version&lang=eng

    Am I using the wrong version? (I hope I'm not that blind...)
    The Thinkpad X61t has a Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset family listed in the device manage for the display adapter.
    Based on the manufacturer's specifications, I know that this contains the X3100 video chipset... which is apparently part of the 965 family...
    Anyone know a way that I can update the driver on the thinkpad? It doesn't want to accept the one from intel's website... and an update to the current version of the video driver has been said to stop the thing from being so slugish and crashing... but it won't even let me install it...
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    Many laptop manufacturers require you to install their branded drivers, maybe you should try getting a driver from Lenovo's support. However, if I remember correctly, IBM/Lenovo PCs have their own application, "System Update" for updating the system.
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    Does anyone know where Vista would extract the files from the driver's package to? If I can find the .inf file maybe I can tell the device manager to go use it.

    The reason I'm so desperately trying to get this driver is cause the machine BSoD's every day, several times a day apparently, and it's getting annoying. Nothing fixes it it seems, so I'm trying to update the video driver.
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    I'm having the same problem as pyro with the stupid installer message. I'm trying to get WOW to work and its at random times that my screen will black out for a few seconds, and its really starting to piss me off. Is there any chance this has been resolved yet? Because I downloaded everything that Intel said I should, everything was correct and I still get that message.
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