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May 27, 2006
  1. I went to a local computer store called otv tenologies and im looking into building myself a computer. I looked at the inventory list and checked out what i wanted. But one thing is odd, I found an Intel Celeron D336 2.8 Ghz new for 71.00. This is a pretty fast processors but i was wondering why it is so cheap. Also I would like to know what other kind of processors i should get instead thats under $180.00. If anybody has any good ideas on one, AMd or Intel is all thats shown. . Im getting this computer for gaming and some general use for my mother. Im also geting 1 gb ddr2-ram, a MSI 915P Combo 2-F motherboard, either a sapphire X1300 or a eVGA 7300 Gs video card (which one is better), an LG dvd-burner, and could someone also explain the difference between an ATA and an SATA harddrive and which one is better. COuld someone please answer these so unorganized questions and could also give some advice on changing or adding anything. Thank you very Much
  2. DonNagual

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    First off, it looks like that particular CPU (the celeronD336) may not be compatible with that particular motherboard, so if you haven't purchased already, hold off until we can confirm. (source: )

    On to some of your questions:

    Celeron processors are great for basic internet browsing and document writting. But if you are into any heavier applications that require CPU horsepower, the celeron are a very dissapointing choice. You mention you are building this system specifically for gaming. Do not get a celeron CPU. You will be extremely dissapointed.

    If you are set on that motherboard you are looking at, then this would be a decent CPU to plug in there:

    Of those two, I'd go for the X1300. It will outperform the 7300gs in gaming as it has a higher clock speed and higher memory bus.
    SATA are easier to install, they use less power in your system and provide you with faster speeds.

    OK, now that the basic questions are out of the way.... what is your budget? If you give us what you are working with and EXACTLY what that budget must include (monitor? Windows? case? keyboard etc) then we can help you put together a decent gaming system in your budget.

    Those graphics cards you are looking at will maybe run today's newer games, but you are going to be turning down the settings to low on the more graphics intensive games in order to get decent framerates.
  3. whtddusy516

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    Do you already have the DD2 Memory? Because then you might be stuck with Intel, unless you want to dish out some more on that processor for an AM2...But if your going for gaming i wouldnt recommend a Celeron D, thats for Word Processing and such (its like buying the store brand instead of the name brand), it just doesnt compare...You could get a P4 630 Prescott 3.0Ghz for about 166 on new egg or a Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz for ten more bucks
  4. Mojam

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    my budget

    i Have about $850.00 to build myself a computer.
    I just need a box, Monitor, memory, CPU, video Card, Optical DVD Writer and a Hard Drive. the ones i have selected in my first post come out to about 500 to 600 dollars but i guess it will change because i will have to buy a more expensive CPU. THere price list is posted on this page, it includes all of the parts they have under different part cateogries eg. ( CPU ,Memory etc...). If someone could help me out by giving me advice on what is good and not you can access the page at: . Plus if you have time just look through it and give me parts i could use to build a good computer. Thanks alot.
  5. DonNagual

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    What games are you wanting to be able to play? That budget is Canadian dollars right? If you need a monitor included in that budget, you are not going to be able to build a system that will be able to run today's newer games at mid level settings. You are going to be forced to turn off all the eye candy on the games in order to attain reasonable frame rates.

    For gaming, the graphics card is (arguably) the most important piece. Looking at the pricing list of that page you linked to, for today's newer games you need at least $150 canadian. If they had a 6600GT card, you could go with that, but they only have the LE version which isn't worth it. The minimum you'd want from that list is the 6800XT, but ideally the 7600GS at $165

    Case/PSU: Antec Sonata II w/450w PSU: $135
    Motherboard: Asus A8N-E: $119
    CPU: Athlon64 3200+ : $180
    Memory (I don't like their selection at all, especially for matched pairs): OCZ value (512Mb), two of them: $113
    Graphics: 7600GS $165
    Hard drive: Seagate 250Gb: $108
    Opical: LG dvd: $45

    For today's newer games, this is pretty much the minimum you'd want to get yourself.
  6. Mojam

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    Thanks alot for the advise but its sorta pricey lol...for my budget at least. I was thinking about something tthat would run pretty fast but wouldnt play every new game out there, Im not that much of a gamer, I play alot more casually. I need osmething that is relatively fast that still isnt expensive and i dont need to be able ot play every new game out there, something with at least a gig of ram and 2 ghz or over processor. Thanks alot for the quick replies.
  7. whtddusy516

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    could you give us an idea of what type of games your playing?
  8. Mojam

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    stuff like counter strike source, Red Alert Generals. games like these. they arent exactly new games, but maybe some games that are even newer then these..
    Please reply soon
    Thank you
  9. wolfram

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    I have a Celeron D 335, and it works great for games. I play GTA San Andreas, PoP: Two Thrones, and other FPS shooters and this CPU is very strong. And if you overclock it, it should be fine, specially with a good video card. Mine is a Radeon 9600XT and does the job fine!
  10. DonNagual

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    And there you have it. Everyone has different levels of what they find acceptable for frame rates and eye candy.

    By the way, here is a really good site you can use to compare CPUs performance:

    (they don't mention celerons though ;))
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