Intel preps 16-core configurations

By Rilla927
Aug 4, 2007


    Intel is planning to release a system with 16 processing cores by the end of the summer.

    The new platform, codenamed 'Caneland', will feature four processor sockets, each able to support the company's latest quad-core chips. The systems were first demonstrated in October last year.

    Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager of server products at Intel, revealed in a company video that the Clarkson chipset and Tigerton processors it will use have been shipping to OEMs since June, and that the first products are expected in September.

    The Caneland architecture will initially be used only in server systems, although Skaugen said that the company eventually hopes to extend it in some form to consumer offerings.

    The Tigerton processors, which top out at 2.93GHz, are the first of Intel's quad-core chips to be designed to run in multiprocessor systems. A 50-watt version for use in blade servers will also be available.

    The chipset will offer a direct connection between each of the four chips, allowing the processors to swap data more quickly.

    Intel hopes that the new platform will appeal to customers not only for its performance, but for the value of its next-generation design.

    "We are going to be able to double the performance of the previous generation of Xeon multiprocessor systems," said Skaugen.

    "But we will also have some nice headroom with future processors that will plug into these sockets, so there will be investment protection as well."


    Intel today showed off a prototype of a server that simultaneously is using 4 quad core processors. The machine is powered by chips codenamed Tigerton that scheduled to start shipping in the third quarter of 2007.

    During a demonstration, Intel's vice president of Desktop Platform Operations Stephen Smith (pictured left, holding the new Tigerton chip) ran a SunGard financial modeling simulation and rendered an image.

    Below you can watch a video of the new server as well as the rendering demonstration (the Sunguard analysis isn't very exiting to show on video).

    Click the link above to watch demo video... is this supposed to be the Skulltrail but with 2 socket??
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