Intel pulls SSD firmware update amid Windows 7 issues

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Oct 27, 2009
  1. Intel has temporarily pulled its just-released TRIM firmware update (02HA) and associated SSD Toolbox from their download site, following a number of reported problems with the new software. Details remain scarce at the moment, but according to several posts on Intel's support forums, users are left with a disk read error and no way to load Windows after rebooting from a seemingly successful firmware upgrade.

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  2. Darth Shiv

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    Who tests these things?
  3. The same person who said 'you will only ever need 17k of memory'
  4. Vrmithrax

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    Keep in mind it's a brand new OS that is giving them trouble. They probably tested, retested, tested the tests, then tested the tested tests. And then the OS was released and patched and the stuff they tested against was suddenly completely different, with all sorts of hardware and driver interactions subtly (or sometimes brutally) altered.

    It's a common recurring theme with Windows releases, Microsoft changes things constantly on the fly after a big launch, and the hardware guys are left to scramble to make adjustments to their drivers and such.
  5. fref

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    Thanks for the info, I was just about to install one of these for a customer and I probably would have installed this firmware for TRIM support! Guess I'll tell him to do it himself when the new version is out. :)
  6. To all users of windows 7 currently being bamboozled by microsoft i say this:

    Vote with your feet and walk over to the nearest apple store today and free yourself from that zoon wilderness that is microsoft... sounds almost ecclesiastical yes?

    see ya real zoon at the apple store;-)

    you owe it to yourself!
  7. At least Microsoft 7 doesn't delete data when logging in as a Guest and then logging back in as a regular user as Snow Leopard currently does... lol! Apple isn't 100% perfect.

    This is just a firmware issue is just one brand of hard drive.
  8. "at least windows 7 dosen't....." yeah right. Right now windoze 7 isnt doing much of anything except creating alot of angry, would be, users. LOL!! i dont have snow leopard but if i did it:

    1. would not cost a fortune to upgrade
    2. would work and intall without me having to wipe out my hard drive
    3. any version of OSX runs circles around windoze

    i know you're angry about the money and time you've wasted on windoze 7, look at it as a lesson learned and meet me at the apple store... as zoon as you can!!;-)

    BTW, i know this is a little off topic but... whats a zoon??

    SUSHRUKH TS Rookie Posts: 36

    At least Microsoft 7 doesn't delete data when logging in as a Guest and then logging back in as a regular user as Snow Leopard currently does.
  10. I have one word for you dear friend. VISTA!
  11. Windows & isnt doing much besides making people angry. LOL check all apple sales during the entire existence of the company versus the first few weeks of one OS released by its main competitor. When 95% of the market uses one Operating System, problems will arise. The percentage is there, say 10,000 people had a problem, that percentage still isnt enough for anyone to waste their hard-earned money on an Apple product.
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