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By Larsenex · 4 replies
Jul 2, 2014
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  1. So, I built my system using this SSD caching. It works really well. My hard drive is 1 terrabyte and my Cache drive is a 60 gig ssd. Lately, while playing Star Wars the Old repubic, I have been 'freezing' in game. This freezing completely locks the computer. I run Teamspeak and I can still push to talk and my friends can still talk and I can talk to them via this during the 'freeze'. What is odd is Cnt/alt/delete, will not bring up the control panel to allow me to kill the game. I am just stuck.

    Normally I would say this is a Video driver issue. I did cleanly reinstall the latest Nvidia driver and this will still occur sometimes.

    Now, when I disable RST, I never get the problem. I can play and play and play. When I reactivate RST to 'maximized', I can still play but its like a timer. After about 2 or 3 days the Freeze will happen.

    So my RST question is, {has the driver been updated since 2012} (when I built my computer) and is it possible to update this driver now without having to re-install Windows and all my programs?

    If I am left with having to re-install I am likely to just fork over the money and just buy a 300 gig SSD and keep Windows and 1 or 2 of my favorite games on it and use the Terrabyte drive for Music/videos and storage.
  2. St1ckM4n

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  3. Larsenex

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    So there are the drivers, my question is, do I have to REINSTALL all over again to get updated to the latest RST driver?
  4. Frozwire

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    You don't need to reinstall Windows just install the latest updated IRST drivers needed.
  5. Larsenex

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    Froz, thank you. I just wanted to be sure. I know when you initially USE RST you have to do it as part of the Install of Windows creating a raid settup. I downloaded the .exe of the lastest RST drivers from the link provided above. (Thank you!).
    I am prepared to start over anyway. I just dont want to install the (updated) driver and then get a blue screen...

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