Intel sees future in Pentium M

By Julio Franco
May 7, 2004
  1. Although not confirmed yet, Intel is said to be abandoning Pentium 4 architecture and their plans to base future processors on the P4 core in favor of the Pentium M (used in Centrino and other notebook models).

    Chip giant's new plan would be to shrink Pentium M core as soon as possible and work on 64-bit capable as well as multicore processors in a not so distant future. If this is true, Prescott's succesor called Tejas (code-name) would never see the light of the day.
  2. Didou

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    I wonder if AMD should be pleased about this news or not.

    On one hand, it certainly gives a bit more credit to their PR-Rating system, which allthough being pretty much accepted, some people still didn't really believe that AMD's chips were as fast as the rating would make believe. I still know a lot of people that feel robbed when they discover that a 2500+ doesn't run at 2.5GHZ ( :rolleyes: ).

    On the other hand, the Tejas was supposed to be the first Intel chip with EMT64 enabled. I believe Intel's adoption of AMD64 put a bit more pressure for MS to release WinXP-64, so now that this chip has been cancelled, will that make MS lazy again ? The Dothan does not have the EMT64 instruction set & won't have it until a new core has been designed & that won't happen before 2005.
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