Intel's dual-screen gaming laptop concept stands out from the pack


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In brief: It appears that dual-screen laptops are set to become quite popular. At least that’s the takeaway from Computex, where another one of the machines, this time from Intel, was on show: the Honeycomb Glacier.

Looking a lot like Asus’ ZenBook Pro Duo that was also revealed at the event, this concept design consists of a 15.6-inch full HD screen with a 12.3-inch, 920 x 720 secondary display sitting beneath it.

The one major difference between the ZenBook Pro Duo and the Honeycomb Glacier is the way the main screen on Intel’s machine can be lifted into the air and stay in place, dragging the smaller display with it and bringing them to eye-level. This is achieved using a one-way roller clutch that can be disengaged by pressing a button on the side, allowing the screens to be folded back down.

Another unique element is the way the laptop uses its Tobii eye-tracking camera. Rather than having to press keys, users can switch between the screens just by looking at them. This should allow you to instantly jump from a game being played on the main display to a program such as Twitch or Discord on the second screen using your eyes alone.

Images courtesy of The Verge

Intel says the Honeycomb Glacier has been designed with both gamers and creators in mind. It features a 45-watt 8-core Intel CPU and Nvidia GeForce 1060 graphics, and thanks to the extra space under the hinge, all the hardware is kept cool using one fan rather than the usual two.

The Honeycomb Glacier is still a prototype, so we’ll have to wait and see if any companies want to use the design. But with the sudden interest in dual-screen laptops, don’t be surprised if it eventually ends up part of the mix.

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I submitted a somewhat related concept like this years ago. Didn't have the second screen but rather adjustable "legs" on either side of the laptop body that let you move the screen up to a comfortable height. Cables ran up the middle of the leg tubes connecting the two parts.

This is a really cool design from Intel except for the keyboard which looks like it has completely flat keys. They've solved multiple issues at once: better laptop display ergonomics, support applications available at a glance and good use of the extra space demanded by a high-end GPU. Also wish the trackpad were a numpad instead. Who games on a trackpad? At least make it a flippable module like that Asus one from a few years ago with numpad on one side and trackpad on the other.