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Intels New Broadwell NUCs

  1. I am seriously considering buying one of Intels latest Broadwell based NUCs(5th generation Core). The processor specs for the just released i3's and the specs for the soon-to-be-released(if they are available I can't find them) i5's are shown below using a little cut'n'paste magic:


    I am hoping someone can explain the pros and cons of going with one of these CPUs versus the other. The top specs in the image above are for the i3-5010U and the bottom specs are for the i5-5250U.

    My main question, above all else, is with regards to having a CPU with Turbo Boost, as the i5-5250U does, versus not having Turbo Boost, which the i3-5010U is lacking.

    I guess my question is are there tradeoffs to having Turbo Boost in a CPU or is it all good? In other words, if your computer could ramp up to 2.7GHz when necessary and drop down to 1.6GHz when idling(or whatever) is there any downside to having Turbo Boost at all? I don't know why I am thinking there must be tradeoffs(pros and cons) but maybe there are none. The 1.6GHz slower base-speed is what scared me in the beginning. Anyway, I have rambled enough. Hope someone can put this issue to rest for me.

    Thanks for reading.

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