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May 17, 2006
  1. I am one of the few who still use a dial-up connection. After surfing the net and upon disconnecting, the internet connection dialog box keeps popping up every 10 seconds for about less than 3 minutes, inviting me to click on dial for connection.

    This obscures the desktop's display and interferes with what I'm reading or viewing on the screen. What I see on the Task Manager are files in process like SVHHOST.exe, EXPLORER.exe, WRSSSDK.exe, WDFMGR.exe, LSASS.exe, SPOOLSV.exe, CTFMON.exe, JUSCHED.exe, etc. Are any of these Windows XP files responsible for this? How can I configure it so that it won't behave like this? It usually resolves by itself after a couple of minutes, but it is annoying. I have to keep clicking the close button.
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    Something is still trying to access the internet by the sound of it. It could be spyware, a virus, or something like msn messenger.
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    I'm not exactly sure because I haven't used dial up in ages but I would go into:

    Control Panel
    Network and Internet Connections
    Network Connections
    Right Click on your internet connection (probably something like "dial up modem connection"
    Right click that
    Click disable

    Let me know if that works!

    When you want to dial up again, just right click the connection again and click enable
  4. hiker

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    That should do it! Thanks, The procedure you mentioned worked alright.

    Although I'm sure there's no spyware or the like. I use Spy Doctor as an active guard with Webroot Spysweeper and Lavasoft's Adaware for supplement spyware scanning. Also AVG antivirus. I just wonder why it started behaving so unlike previously. Could it be some program attempting to reach for an update? Anyway, that would be another post. Thanks a lot.
  5. A_DOG73

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    Actually now that I think back to when I had dial up, I remember the same thing happened to me. I just left that dialouge box open and just ignored it. It used to pop up just like you mentioned. I don't think it is a virus or spyware. I think the way the dial up properties are set up, it want's to connect once you have hung up the modem unlike Cable or DSL which is always on. Whenever you unplug an ethernet cable from the computer (while using Cable or DSL), you get a red X and it shows up in the taskbar telling you that your cable is disconnected. I think that once you set up your pc to connect to the internet, your pc wants to be connected all the time and if it's disconnected it will let you know! So instead of the Red X, you are getting that "dial up" dialogue box. I hope that sums it up for you.
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