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Internet connection problems - intermittency

By shiv_379
Aug 15, 2005
  1. Greetings all!

    I am having some problems with my internet connection which started Friday and have been plaguing me since. First of all some details:
    ISP: BT Yahoo
    Connection Device: Epic Safe Com 4 port ADSL router modem
    Connection: 2Mbps ADSL

    My connection keeps dropping out, and while it is trying to reconnect (green light flashing on router) it'll occasionally connect for a few seconds then drop out again. It connects just long enough for one to three packets to be returned on a ping -t. Eventually it'll connect properly and be ok for maybe a couple of hours, but then it will drop out again.
    When it does connect at first it's slower than usual, and will drop the odd ping -t packet every now and then, until it settles down a little.

    Running the diagnostic on my router (when the connection is down) says that the ADSL is not synchronised. I've no idea what that means tho :-/
    I phone BT and explained the problem to them and they are looking into it, but it wont be till Thursday until they get back to me and I'd rather not wait that long if there's anything I can do.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas as to cause and solutions?

    I've tried disabling all my firewalls and protection software, but the same still happens. Even with the PC turned off the same behaviour is exhibited.

  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot!
    I do not know your Modem /Router, but look through the connections properties/configuration Setup and see if you can find a setting for "Keep connection Alive" Turn this on.
  3. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    have your tried unplugging the modem, waiting more than 10 secs, and plugging it back in? this has worked many times, mostly with cable modems.
  4. shiv_379

    shiv_379 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yep, I've tried rebooting my router a number of times, and I'm certain it's not a keep-alive issue because it wont reconnect for sometimes a couple of hours again afterwards :(

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