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Sep 18, 2003
  1. hi everyone, i was wondering if someone can help me with this problem? i recently installed windows xp pro on my new maxtor 160gb hard drive and everything went fine. i installed aol and i can connect to the internet and view pages with that browser, but when i try to view pages with IE6 or update windows it says "cannot find server.....the page cannot be displayed" i have this computer connected to a netgear rp614 router, and the other computer seems to connect fine using IE6. does anybody know whats goin on?
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    Since this is a new install, I guess you haven't set up networking correctly. Copying all network settings (besides computer name and IP address if not automatic) from the other computer should do the trick.
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    download netscape
    uninstall ie6
    reinstal ie6
  5. absouloote

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    sorry i took so long to respond i fixed the problem, the problem was with aol. when it detected my modem i set it to broadband instead of home network. as soon as i changed it, it solved my problem. thanx to all that helped.
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