Internet Explorer 8 slowdowns

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Feb 5, 2010
  1. Researched here but didn't see what I think I am facing. If the answer is already here, please just point me to it and thanks.

    I have a Slimline HP desktop as well as an HP laptop. My daughter also has a newer model Slimline which she purchased about 3 months ago.

    We all have IE8.

    We all use AVAST for AV, ZoneAlrm for firewall, and frequently check for adware/malware using Malwarebytes' AntiMalWare and SuperAntiSpyWare.

    For the last several months, almost every time we are using IE8, IE8 seems to slow down and then refuse to load a new page. This can happen to all 3 computers. It took my daughter's a month or so before it surfaced, but hers is doing the same thing my 2 PCs are.

    Only recorse seems to be to restart the PC. After that, it wwill work fine for a while but invariably will slown down again.

    I am on a home Linksys wireless network (both the desktop and laptop are wireless), but my daughter is not newtowrked in her own home.

    Still, we face the same issue.

    Ideas? And thanks in advance.
  2. morpheus1021

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    This could be caused by a few things. First and foremost pray your computers don't have a Celeron processor. These in my opinion are very bad. Everyone I have came across are slow no matter what you have in the computer or your download speeds.

    Second, check your internet security to see what level it is at and allow more active x controls. On this very internet page ill explain how to get to that.

    Click on "Tools"
    Click on "Internet Options or Properties"
    Then click on "Security"

    you can lower the security while searching to take out some of the steps it takes while searching. Just be careful on where you search the internet.

    Next click on the advanced tab and make sure all the "ActiveX" options are enabled (read through them as some you may not want) if you are not experienced enough to be in this portion of IE8 options it is best left to a computer techician as you can mess some of the settings up.

    Last but not least you might have IE8 but not all of it. Click on start and go to "windows update" and see if there is any updates for your computer. Specifically if there is a .netframework download through microsoft. Download all the stuff that they have for you.
  3. Broni

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    1. Close IE.
    Go Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools, and click on Internet Explorer (no add-ons). Same thing?

    2. Try another browser, like Firefox and see, if same thing happens.
  4. KateIE8Team

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    Hi, this is Kate with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team. Try managing your add-ons. In IE, go to ‘tools’ and ‘manage add-ons’. Disabling any unnecessary add-ons may help your Internet run faster. Try disabling add-ons with more than a .2 sec load time. (i.e. tool bars)
    If you’re still not having any luck, I recommend you reinstall IE8 on your system.

    Hope this helps!
  5. yangly18

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    My suggestion would be dump IE all together and get something like firefox or google chrome, but maby that's just me...
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