Internet OK, LAN malfunction

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Sep 21, 2008
  1. Hope you can help repair torn out hair?---
    5 Machines, I linksys wireless router WAG 160N..
    Canard- XP Hpro SP2 - cabled
    Mallard- XP Hpro SP2 - cabled
    Swan - XP2 Hpro SP3 - cabled
    Flying - Vista HP SP1 - wireless
    Tufty - Vista HP SP1 - wireless

    All are capable of accessing internet. LAN set up for sharing and all in WORKGROUP. Used to using remote desktop from all computers to Swan
    Originally new computer "Tufty "had sporadic connections to LAN only some showing not others. Others were seeing each other and
    Router was new and setup (apparently) OK.

    LAN stopped working with computers showing as "unknown" and WORKGROUP computers not accesible - saying path not found.
    Many, many hours trying web help and support lines! Many hours then spent with Linksys - good help - reset router a few times, went through setup and changed a few things I wouldn't have dreamt of and finally appeared to have cracked it with internet and LAN ok and remote desktop ok! -


    Switched on yesterday and LAN all but disappeared, working on "Canard" and could remote desktop to "Mallard" but not "Swan"!
    Then LAN not working on any computers - well - Network not showing anything but some allowing access to WORKGROUP and thus to folders etc but not all - and right now can't access network or WORKGROUP from anywhere.

    Tried turning firewalls (AVG, Windows disabled) on and off till blue in face

    Any help gratefully received....
  2. jobeard

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    Are all systems connected at the same time or just a few and then others boot and shutdown (by the user) randomly?

    Conjecture is that two systems might have the same IP address which can only
    occur it YOU manually configured the tcp settings. Is this true or do you always use
    the DHCP feature?

    I would update the firmware to the router regardless; out-of-the-box routers almost
    always have down level firmware that needs updates.
    While you're at it, if/when you do get connectivity, update the drivers for all network

    Lastly, can you correlate your problems to activities while running (ie you're on Canard and Mallar does xxx) or ONLY to no connectivity after booting?
  3. duckspool

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  4. LookinAround

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    to add some additiona comments...

    Isn't clear from your statement, so fyi....
    - Changes in your firewall don't have immediate impact on what you see in Windows Network status/behavior. Many changes can take up to 12 minutes (some actually up to 45 mins!)
    - Best way to test firewalls: disconnect from ISP, turn them ALL off, REBOOT ALL computers, then check impact to Windows Network

    Recommended best method for browsing from EACH computer is to Open My Network Places (or its equivalent) then select View Workgroup Computers under Network Tasks

    It shouldn't matter if IP addresses are changing unless that's in fact pointing to part of your problem. When you say "always changing" you mean after reboot? or changing while running? And, as joebear asked, are they all set to getting their IP's automatically using DHCP? ** EDIT**, Ooops, i now see you answered the DHCP part of my question.. but still, when do you see them changing? and on random computers or which ones?

    Finally, not sure that this is your problem but have seen it cause odd problems. If possible, configure your machines so when your computers (all running the Computer Browser service) elect one amongst themselves as MASTER it's not a wireless system. Momentary quirks in wireless connections only means it can force a new Master election and you may end up with TWO computers thinking they're master (which ain't good). click here
  5. jobeard

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    hum; you should not see Domain Server comments or messages in a home base lan setup. Subnets are either
    2. DOMAINs
    and you would 'Join Domain xxx' and use Network Login of you have the latter.

    For you to see Domain Server messages, it looks like you made the wrong choice
    with the Network Wizard.

    Rerun the Network Wizard and choose Workgroup
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