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Jul 24, 2007
  1. Hi i have two PC's and i had connected both with a crossover cable for sharing the internet connection. my host pc had two ethernet cards----ADMtel: AN983 10/100 PCI Adapter and intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection.I m using the intel PRO ethernet card for Internet and the ADMtel for connecting to other PC. My other PC is also had a intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection ethernet card.

    The problem is that i am able to share my files in between both the PC's but i m not able to access internet on the client PC. Whenever I run ping command with the IP address on both PC's i got a msg like Request Time Out.. Also when i ping the Gateway address of ISP it also gives similar message.but i can access internet on my host PC.

    I had tried all the possibilities available in windows Network troubleshooter...but could not solve the problem..i had also reinstall the ethernet cards on both the PC's and reconfigure could not find solution to the problem..

    Can anyone please help me out.........???
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    The Wizard for setting up Windows ICS is very good and 98% of the time that is all you need to do, no manual configuration necessary. So if you did that and are still having problems I'd guess that you have a firewall (other than the built in Windows one) that is not allowing you to do what you want. So you'll need to configure it to allow ICS to work properly.
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    Thanka a lot works...I switch off the firewall of my antivirus prog and it works...

    Thanks for ur support.
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    hello, i m also trying the same but when i connect both Pcs with the crossover cable LAN doesnt activates on either PC. wat may be the problem?????? CAN ANYONE HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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    get a router in between connecting the modem to it and then use the program in WindowsXP to set up the network.
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    Get a new cable. Check to see both NICs work. Quit posting in bold and begging.
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