Internet Slow! Connection Bad? Please Help

By Ancell
Nov 1, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Wasnt sure where post this but I really need help.. Well the story told.

    Around 5 days ago I was getting lag on all my pc games... Each day it got worse and worse. Till the current day now where it takes like 5 miniutes to load google or even more or sometimes nothing loads. Cant get internet at all on my laptop no more!

    I have contacted Virgin Media and for about 2 days it was. Sir please turn your modem off for 10 seconds reconnect all cables bla bla. Then when they said is your internet working and I say yes. They seem to think the problem was fixed... Hard to explain the problem over the phone to people who aint english... anyway my Dad soon said we want to cancel unless we speak to someone who knows what there on about. So finally we got someone who was still clueless. But then he said to me go my modem settings. Then 20 mins in the call he asked me read out my modem upstream which looks like this:

    Upstream Lock : Locked
    Upstream Channel ID : 3
    Upstream Frequency : 37504000 Hz
    Upstream Modulation : QAM16
    Upstream Symbol Rate : 2560 Ksym/sec
    Upstream transmit Power Level : 37.0 dBmV
    Upstream Mini-Slot Size : 2

    He said 37 is way to high and this is the problem. He then said it should be fixed in few days and that all he could say :S... My mate cross the road is on Virgin Media his is fine.. Virgin Media are clueless and just say turn your modem off. Or it all fine there end so its my (problem) I dont see how that is im sure everything fine here. As they telling me my modem is fine. Ping tests fail like 8 fail and 2 pass lol. Then sometimes my internet can be fine... anyone no what I can do ? Before I just cancel with this crap company.
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    This happens to me occasionally too, for me it happens when my bandwidth limit is exceeded, the u/l and d/l rate goes to like 64kb / second on my provider. If this is the case, the new month should rememdy the problem, hopefully that helps. Good luck!
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    Cheerz but its not that because im on Virgin Media unlimited package I dont know if there a hidden download usage but if there is.. Im no way NEAR it... + I dont do much downloadin recently but use to ages ago and my mate across road he downloads movies etc and is fine. They told me on phone today it was to many people on same chanel.. they change there mind with the problem everyday, and give me a new date to which it will be fixed. Im going to change but can anyone recommend a good ISP ?

    I no depends on your area and stuff but im from around south east london, kent ways. I GAME a lot 2 so just wondering from experience can anyone recommend a good isp?
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