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Greetings friends.

I am writing this to let the greater public know that I have been IP shadowbanned? @ TECHSPOT. I have not been given a notice, or a reason. Thus, it is being done in the shadows.

While logged in, every page to the site "times out".. I can have dual browsers opened, and no matter what computer or device... if I log in, the page just times out. I am able to spoof the page to load after about 5-6 minutes, while refreshing both browsers and eventually a page will load, but I am unable to navigate the site. So I have to navigate the site while logged out (in another browser) and replace the URL and hit F5 more than a dozen times over several minutes, several times to finally get a page to load.

It doesn't matter if I am using a cell phone, work computer, or my 3 home computers... the moment I log in (on any device) I am soft banned.

I really don't know what type of shenanigans are going on, but this form of overlording and soft censorship is why Twitter needed to be set free. SO that such misuse can be brought to the public square and it becomes transparent and known to all. (And so that bad actors can be held to the light).

I expect to be notified of the reasons for such actions...


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Few days ago I was immediately logged out after logging in, without any info or error etc.

That was probably technical problem. Same you have now.


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Having checked through every single IP address you've logged in with, over the past two months, I can categorically say none of them are banned. Other regular users have had the same IPs too. Sometimes glitches happen with servers; sometimes it's with ISPs.

Sorry that you're experiencing issues with using the site, but it's nothing we've done whatsoever.
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