TechSpot site loading slowly when logged in?


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I've noticed some serious issues loading techspot for the last week. If I am logged into my techspot account, the site can take upwards of 2 minutes to load, and acts as if the sire is being DDOS'd. This occurs on windows, linux, android, and iOS, on safari, chrome, and firefox based browsers, on cable internet, ATT fiber, and on both ATT and verizon mobile networks. disabling all attachments makes no difference. Attempting to post a comment, assuming the text box for responses actually loads, you get greeted with the "OOPS!" error from the website repeatedly. It's taken me about 10 minutes to type this, between reloading the page and the errors.

If I attempt to load this website in incognito mode/private tab, from any affected machine, the site loads perfectly. If I log into the site while in private browsing, the slowness returns. IF I log out, it disappears again.

Has anyone else noticed/reported this issue? For me it makes the site nigh unusable.

EDIT: Instead of a blank screen, I am now getting a HTTP 504 error from techspot when attempting to load new pages, again this occurs on multiple devices/browsers/OSes/networks.
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