Wouldn't give greater security using IPX for file sharing and TCP/IP for internet?

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By mludwig
Aug 23, 2004
  1. Hi,

    I am very glad I found this forum. I would like to ask for help on setting up a network between two PCs.

    I have a desktop PC with two NICs running XP. One of the NICs is connected to a cable modem and the other to my laptop with a crossover cable. I have already set up a network with Internet Sharing with the help of the wizards. So, now I got a working network and Internet sharing using TCP/IP protocol.

    Now comes the tricky part: yes, I wanted to start a game. yes, an older game using IPX protocol for multiplayer game. It didn't work. I realised that the IPX protocol isn't installed, so I installed the NWLink IPX/SPX protocol on both of the machines. I have enabled this protocol on every NICs I had.

    Now guess what, did it work? No, it didn't. But I won't give up - a naive thought. Made restore points and deleted all of the connections, reinstalled NIC drivers to start from a scratch.
    I wanted to try setting up file sharing on an IPX network, without TCP/IP. Isn't that possible? (to connect two XP PCs with a network running only IPX protocol)
    I thought that by running file and printer sharing on IPX protocol and using TCP/IP ONLY for Internet would give greater security.
    I couldn't get it to work.
    Made bindings for NWLink and Client for MS Network and File and Printer Sharing on both of the computers, restarted it, but nothing happened.
    The two computers didn't see each other in My Network Places, only themselves. On LAN properties packets were sent, but not received. Dxdiag's DirectPlay tests failed (using IPX).

    In conclusion, I have tried my best to set up file and printer sharing on an IPX network, but failed. I have given up.

    I would appreciate any thoughts, opinions, ideas related to this matter. Thanks for you time.
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