By genedollar
Oct 6, 2009
  1. i have a blue screen with error saying irq_not_less_or_equal
    and says stop: 0x0000000a (0x00000020, 0x00000002, 0x00000000,
    0x8082c0ac) I am trying to reformat my hard drive but it stops as 34 percent and doesnt move. I was able to reformat my hard drive once but still get the above message when i try to install windows.
  2. Route44

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    The mods will most likely move your thread to the BSOD subforum at the Windows OS Forum. That error is 0xA and it is either caused by hardware or drivers attempting an IRQ Level that they have no business addressing.

    With no other information to go by at this moment the questions arise as to a) why did you feel the need to reformat? and b) how many times have you reformatted this harddrive?

    Also, do you know how to run Memtest on your memory and do you have a friend where you can slave your harddrive in his/her system and run harddrive diagnostics?
  3. genedollar

    genedollar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i always figure if have problem i dont know how to fix i just wipe out hard drive and start over. I tried to slave my hard drive in my second computer but it is not detected. It is detected in my old computer though. If i could get my 2nd computer to recognize that the hard drive it there i could run diagnostics on my hard drive
  4. Bobbye

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    Sorry, that's the cowards way out! Learn how to troubleshoot- it will serve you much better. A reformat/reinstall should only be done when a problem cannot be resolved any other way- not because a user doesn't want to look for a cause.
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