Is 1.6V safe for RAM?

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Sep 10, 2012
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  1. I checked the voltage with both BIOS and Intel desktop utilities, it's 1.6V when set at default BIOS settings. The RAM is APACER 1333Mhz (2 sticks, 4 GB each), and the motherboard is Intel dh67cl.
    Why is the default voltage for my RAM 1.6V? Should the default voltage be that high?
  2. xcylent

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    Well the only major difference between 1.5V and 1.65V RAM is that the 1.65V is a little hotter. also It draws more power.
    I'm not a big RAM expert though, I only know the basics of latency and timings and stuff, so I'm sure someone else will be able to help you out.
  3. cliffordcooley

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    RAM modules call for different voltages, especially different RAM generations. Each new RAM generation has a tendency to operate on lower voltages. However to answer your question specifically, we would need to know your RAM maker and model number as the motherboard or PC maker is useless to us.

    The modules I currently have are 1.65V modules. I wish I had noticed when I bought them, I would have changed my pick for 1.5V modules instead. Since my motherboard had issues with the modules, I had to manually set the voltage to 1.65V to get the system to boot.
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    Intel's specification is 1.5V +/- 5% (1.425-1.575v), although it is generally accepted that voltage up to 1.65V is fine for long term use. If you want to play it safe (this for the OP), manually set the RAM to the upper 1.575V limit in the BIOS and check for stability.
    If you retain the 1.6V setting, you might want to check that the Vccsa and Vccio (system agent and I/O voltages) are with 0.5V of each other - outside of this specification is likely to be more detrimental than a slightly higher RAM voltage.
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  5. Goebbels

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    What do I check? I mean where do I check these voltages?
  6. dividebyzero

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    I just checked the Intel site for a quick look at the board specs. The board comes under the "home media" bracket so your BIOS options are limited, which in this case isn't too much of a hardship since the mostly locked BIOS will keep settings within safety limits. If the BIOS allows 1.6V then you should be good to go. Don't worry about the Vccio and Vccsa, these are likely preset (Auto configuration) to avoid mishap.
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    So finally, should I keep the voltage at 1.6V? Cause in BIOS I can take it anywhere between 1.2V and 1.8V.
  8. dividebyzero

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    1.6V should be fine. I wouldn't recommend going any higher than you need to, so if the RAM is running fine at 1.6V leave it at that. 1.65V and under is OK for long term usage
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