Is my cpu dead?

By goet
Dec 31, 2004
  1. Ok heres whats going on, in august i decided to try updating my bios chip so i did so and the software said it failed, I had a asus mobo. My computer cont to work till the next morning i tryed turning it back on and guess what no boot. Infact i got a no video connect on my monitor and it was connected, the comp would power up, drives and all but no boot to dos etc.

    So i call asus and pay to have a new flashed bios chip sent, i put it in and same thing so i figured maybe they sent me another one or my cpu was dead. Months later today i got a new asus mobo,vid card,ram, and used old good parts even my old cpu. I put it all together and flipped on the switch only to have the same thing happen. Everything was powered the case,fans,drives, but no boot up. Now is it becuase the processor is a p4 2.2 northwood? cuz when i bought it from newegg it said p4 2.2 processors presscott rdy hyper threading etc but nothing about northwood or none HT tech processors for this mobo. In all truth i hardly think it has to do with the specs of the processor and i think its just the processor is dead i even still get that no vid display on my monitor this is ultra gay!

    Now if i decide to get a new processor as long as it is p4 it should work right? my mobo is the Asus p4s800-mx. Iam a college student and dont make much money and ont wanna fork out to much but iam looking for a easy solution to this.
  2. pop112

    pop112 TS Rookie

    99% of the time P4 CPU,s do not fail. Check if you can hear your hard drive boot up. if you can the your video card has failed. If your hard disk is not doing any think then the ram in your computer has failed. if all the above are working than it could be your CPU or even your motherboard
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