Is my CPU on its way out?

By UnrealBlade
Oct 23, 2009
  1. I have a HP Compaq nx9420 I use for work and ive been having a problem where after an indefinite amount of time i will have 1 process start utilizing my CPU at 60-100%. the first time I thought it was an OS error as i had just reformatted and installed XP. I installed Norton Antivirus and windows updates and then BAM CPU started to run High, so i reformatted again and installed XP and all the updates and norton antivirus corp ed again and all seemed good.

    Just this past tuesday it started its little CPU game again and started running IE, FireFox and norton all at high CPU rates of over 60%, but never all together only one of the 3 at any time during the day. SO i suspected a virus was the issue, i scanned with norton as well as 2 other malware/virus scans (SpyHunter and AVG) both found some cookies and other low level threats, i removed the threats and still no change. So i low leveled my machine and again started from scratch. Once again got everything installed and installed the newest version of norton, scanned and found no viruses and then 2 hours later just as i installed IE7 i started to get high CPU %'s on norton, IE7 and other random processes. I uninstalled Norotn and IE7 and still no change at all, just other processes ran high.

    Am i missing something? If not the processor then what could it be? Im out of ideas.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Tmagic650

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    Uninstall Norton (doing this may be tough) and install Avast or Advir free antivirus... You may need to reinstall the OS fresh once more and apply all the XP updates first. Norton is tough to get rid of... CPU's either work or they don't... No slow failures
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