Is my laptop infected? Continuous shutdown

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Mar 29, 2008
  1. Guys! I need some help! my laptop turns on fine, but it doesnt stay on long! It suddenly switches off, i'll be doing something one minute then my computer is off the next. This will happen after half an hour of use and then becomes almost unusable after that - turning off every few minutes which is driving me mad!! I thought it may be a cooling issues as it was sometimes hot, but have noticed that this is not always the case. I have removed the battery and run off ac and just run off batt and its the same for both. I have started to think the issue might be virus related - wen i attempt to run a virus scan it switches off as well as wen i attempt to play a file, ie in windows media player etc, this has meant I do not seem to be able to run a full virus scan. I have a fully up to date norton security system. One other thing is that often before it switches off my start menu will shoot up, or the menu that appears when you right click will suddenly pop and and then straight away my computer will turn off - as if someone has taken control of the mouse. this is starting to drive me mad so if anyone has any advice this would be massively appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    I have run Hijack this as I have seen instructed on a few threads and attached are my results...
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    I don't see an anitivirus program installed.

    Today's internet is simply suicide without an up to date antivirus.
    Not much point in you and I cleaning up the system if you refuse to protect yourself.
    However -- if you don't understand or cannot install an antivirus -- please let me know.

    Please download ONE of the following antivirus programs and install it.
    Once installed, Update it, run full system scan with it and allow it to fix up what it wants.
    Reboot if it fixed anything.

    You should get a firewall as well, either, these firewalls are all free,
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    kritius - i have installed avg and online armour....

    I have also completed the 15 steps to the best of my ability and as allowed by my laptop... I have listed my observations below through the process

    My Observations:

    My computer shut down a couple of times through the process but not as much as it sometimes does
    I placed my laptop on two boxes so it was raised to allow air to circulate and not hamper the fan (i still am not sure if it is a problem with over heating!) perhaps this had an effect
    When in safe mode however my laptop ran for about 5 hours continuosly without switching off - no problems (which makes me question the heat issue)
    It took me a full day to complete all these tasks!!!

    Overall my computer runs much slower now but im guessing this is due to all the stuff i have added??? is there any way to get my previous performance back?

    I have attached all 3 documents asked for... Any more help is massively appreciated.

    On another note - if it is an issue with overheating can anyone suggest a good laptop cooling pad for a 15.4 inch laptop? do these really work? even if this isnt the issue im thinking about getting one as my laptop does sometimes get quite hot as i often need to have it on for extended periods of time.

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    thank you.....
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