Is my monitor dying?

By rajwraith
Dec 2, 2012
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  1. As of late, my 5 year old LG Flatron L1752S LCD monitor has been acting strangely. The screen flickers (most noticeable if you pay attention to text on any window) when I scroll down webpages or watch video. It's impossible to play games because of the constant black screens that plague my game-time and it takes longer than usual for the screen to return to full brightness after a full-screen app, such as Far Cry 3, has been closed. And once it has returned to normal, the colors look over-saturated and it really becomes hard for me to look at the screen after a while.

    Now, the first thing that came to my mind was that my GPU was at fault. I re-installed the driver to my AMD Radeon HD 5770, checked its temperature and fan speed at both idle and running states and found them all to be in perfect order. I also made sure of its cables, if they were firmly in place or not.

    I did the above with my Core 2 Quad and again, found nothing out of the ordinary.

    [Details on the GPU]

    GPU temperature at idle: 40 C
    GPU temperature while running Far Cry 3 at Near Ultra settings: 64-67 C
    Fan speed at idle: 35 %
    Fan speed while running Far Cry 3: 50 % (this ruled out fan clogging due to dust)

    Monitor refresh rate set to: 75 Hz (Changing to 60 Hz didn't help)

    [A little more detail on the black screen issue]

    The black screens come at random. Games run fine for the first 5 minutes, after which the black screens come and go erratically. While the screen stays black, sound, movement and everything else stay unaffected. After about 10 minutes, the black screen issue becomes frequent enough to force me to close whatever game I'm playing (Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution, Far Cry 3). Also, the black screens come at a lesser rate if I stay still or stare at the sky (this made me assume that my GPU is dying, but evidence says otherwise!).

    Bringing everything down to low and changing the resolution to 800X600 didn't help.

    [What I haven't done yet]

    I haven't tried a different monitor yet. I plan to do so in a few hours. I also have not tried changing the VGA cable.

    Have any of you faced similar issues or know anything about this? Please let me know if you need further information on the matter.
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    As I read this I was already imagining there were gonna be flickering last summer I had the same problem the screen kept getting flickers every time I switched it on then it would settle after 15 mins after a few time it got worse and worse 2 weeks later it died it seems that u will have to replace the monitor and seeing that u seem to be interested in gaming a 1080p would be a fair trade for the Old one :) hopefully you will do the right decision

    The montior is dieng slowly changing or trying those things are just practicly like trying to save a fuel tank while driving its impossible..
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  3. rajwraith

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    Thank you so much. This relieves much of the tension :D I'd rather have my monitor die than lose my awesome 5770 :D
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