Is the i5-3570K too powerful for an HD 7770?

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Jun 27, 2012
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  1. I intend to run a Sapphire HD7770 GHz edition OC, alongside a i5 3570K.
    will this be a bottleneck? I want to run games such as skyrim or MW3 at medium/high graphics.

    here's the rest of the parts:

    4GB (2x2gb) Kingston 1600MHz RAM (will be adding a second set soon)
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM (will be adding another one to run in RAID 0)
    Corsair HX 650 (will possibly be adding a second HD7770 to run in CrossFireX)
    Coolermaster Hyper TX3-EVO, in push-pull configuration (will possibly be upgrading to Hyper 612)
    ASRock Z77 Pro 3 Motherboard
    Corsair Carbide 400r Case

    cheers for any feedback
  2. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,274   +461

    That setup should be able to play those games pretty well unless you're playing multi screen or on a 30". There will always be a bottleneck (it's usually your wallet) and in this case your processor would be able to supply a faster video card, but or the games you mention it should be no problem. If you start playing on high settings with anti-aliasing you might start seeing a bit of a performance issue.
  3. .4sassin

    .4sassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    alright then, should I switch from a 3570K to an AMD FX-6100?
    it would be much friendlier on my wallet.
  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,274   +461

    I don't think I can answer that question fairly as I'm a bit biased toward intel at the moment. Perhaps someone else is willing to chime in objectively?
  5. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    No. No way. Invest your money in a 3570K and it will last you a good 3-4 years. You'll be itching for an upgrade for the FX-6100 a lot sooner if you decided to go down that route.

    To answer your original question there's no such thing as "too powerful" :p but you should think about saving up and getting a more powerful single GPU than running Crossfire. A 7850/7870 will comfortably run MW3 or Skyrim at max settings.

    Rest of the build looks good. Don't bother with RAID 0 with HDDs in the future though, get an SSD instead.
  6. hood6558

    hood6558 TS Addict Posts: 271   +67

    This link shows all high-end CPUs and their benchmarks for comparison -
    Spend the extra $100 and get an i5 3750K if you want real performance.. AMD processors are a joke among tech savvy builders. Sure, if you're building an email machine for your grandmother, by all means save the money and go with AMD, but for anyone into gaming, folding, video editing, etc. you will be disappointed. You get what you pay for!
  7. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,040   +678

    If money is an issue, get an i5 2400 or 2500 (non K) or Ivy Bridge equivalent. Either is better than anything AMD has right now at stock/slight overclock speeds in regards to gaming. Techspot has done reviews on above CPU's, so do some research... you don't have far to go.
  8. I was the big AMD fan but even I know that the new AMD cpu's suck,so I would say go with the I5 3570k,I did.
    With your listed specs you can should be able too max the settings on MW3,I could with my single 7750 @ 1080
    not sure on skyrim.
  9. Coodu

    Coodu TS Booster Posts: 173

    Skyrim's come a long way with its patches too especially on optimization. It should run good on that setup, maybe tone down AA to 4 or something but overall should be a good build :)
  10. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,997   +1,317

    an FX-4100 wont bottleneck a 7770 from things ive read.
    I would do a 6100 because you wont notice the difference unless you are using a 300 or 400 dollar graphics card.
    if you wanna be more future proof I would get the i5 though, like if you were to update the graphics card in the future.
  11. hood6558

    hood6558 TS Addict Posts: 271   +67

    Correction; I meant i5 3570K.....sorry!
  12. nissanman

    nissanman TS Maniac Posts: 247

    Stick with the Intel CPU. I have heard bad things about AMD Bulldozer CPUs. The CPU really can't be "too powerful" for a video card. If I were you, I would do what slh28 said and stick with the Intel, but upgrade to a better video card. As mentioned, the 7850/7870 would be great for your needs.
  13. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    A Phenom II CPU (the 965BE would be my recommendation) would be a better buy compared to a Bulldozer CPU as a more budget-friendly purchase; you can probably drop the extra cash saved on a better GPU. That'd net you far more performance than a faster CPU, IMHO, and gaming performance shouldn't suffer noticeably.
  14. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

  15. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Posts: 65

    Just chiming in, I recently bought the 3570K and I would definitely recommend it over anything from AMD. Trying to overclock it now and I have it sitting at 4.8GHz without any drama.
  16. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    My vote is to go with rage suggestion and get the faster gpu

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